Thursday, January 10, 2013


Why are these men laughing ?
The United States, for reasons not known to this writer, appears to be deliberately ignoring the mounting indications of massive exports of Uranium, from Venezuela, to its end user, the Government of Iran. Reliable sources have confirmed that irrefutable, documentary evidence of same, from unimpeachable sources, has been politely declined when offered. America opposes Iran's WMD programme, somebody has chosen to ignore the truth, when  it comes from Venezuela.

Given that close monitoring of Iran's developing illegal Weapons of Mass Destruction programme has become an American obsession, I am baffled as to why actionable intelligence, regarding these outbound shipments is of no interest to America's intelligence community. Vessels laden with Uranium  are leaving Venezuela's Caribbean ports, steaming direct to Iran with their illicit cargo.

I can only conclude that senior policy makers have chosen to maintain the free flow of oil, from Venezuela's deteriorating oil industry, to refineries in the United States, and therefore will not interdict these vessels on the high seas, irrespective of their illegal cargo. Will all this Uranium facilitate the early Iranian construction of a weapon of Mass Destruction ? Absolutely. We do not need an arms race in the Middle East, when Iran gets the bomb. To reduce the threat, the Navy must interdict these shipments on the high seas.


  1. Where, or from whom, is Venezuela obtaining the uranium?

  2. Scott- It is being mined in Venezuela, with Iranian technical assistance, and shipped out.

    Ken Rijock


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