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 As we recently reported  on March 9, 2021, in  Caribbean Appellate Court holds that Magistrate can Summon Dominica's Officials on Treating Charges,  the corrupt senior leadership in the Commonwealth of Dominica may end up liable on Treating charges. Criminal complaints filed as private prosecutions were ruled appropriate, and the Magistrate ordered to proceed on his fact-finding mission. Were illegal payments made to obtain votes ? It's been going on for  twenty years in Dominica.

Dominica's leaders, obviously very unhappy with the results, had Lennox Lawrence , known to be one of the attorneys representing Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, and others, sent a letter, on March 24th, to Sherma Dalrymple, the Director of Public Prosecutions, seeking to quash the case. Attorney Lawrence, in a 12-page argument, with profuse legal citations, is attempting to obtain intervention of the Director, and the Attorney General, to kill the case. It shows you to what lengths Dominica's sleazy officials, caught violating their own laws about paying for votes, will stoop to escape justice.




                                                 Muscat Unmasked  by COSIMO

Reliable sources from within the Republic of Malta are confirming that most legal observers believe that Joseph Muscat, the country's disgraced former Prime Minister will soon be the subject of criminal charges, related to his receipt of bribes or kickbacks received whilst in office between 2013 and 2019. Although it has been thought that Muscat, who is, notwithstanding his forced resignation, the titular leader of the ruling Labour Party was politically bulletproof, recent public pressure upon the sitting PM, Robert Abela,  to take action has increased exponentially, resulting in a change in Muscat's exposure.

The recent disclosure of Chinese involvement in corruption, at the highest level, has added to the pressure upon Abela, who came out this week and stated that Muscat was not longer in the government, and the investigations presently pending could lead to anyone. Abela, whose poor job performance has led to an erosion of public confidence in his ability to stay on the job, may be forced to give up his former client, Muscat, whom he advised in the previous administration, to save himself.

Of course, there are also those in Malta who believe that the filing of criminal charges are merely a ploy to keep Muscat from being extradited to the United States, to face what are believed to be sealed money laundering and FCPA charges against him, and that theory cannot be discounted. Those who subscribe to that theory say that Muscat will never go to trial in any case filed against him in Malta, due to the country's utterly corrupt judicial system, where cases linger for years, and are then dismissed, often on procedural grounds, out of the public eye.

We shall continue to monitor all developments, and bring them to our readers, as they occur.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021



 We are publishing below, as it originally appeared, the press release of Robert Strickland, because it is of great public interest.  Mr. Strickland may be reached at:



                                        Peter Leroy John, Saint Lucia's most powerful fraudster


Our first article highlighted how the investigators became aware, during numerous telephone intercepts, how Mr. John could be heard dropping the names  of several high-ranking police officials, two government ministers, and officials from the Office of the Prime Minister. Mr. John was also overheard mentioning the names of relatives who were lawyers, and members of the judiciary of Saint Lucia, all of who are complicit in facilitating his massive land theft scheme, transferring title to his business associate.

As it turns out, we have now identified the lawyer relative who is now planning and conspiring with Peter Leroy John, and his brother Winston John, to threaten US citizens with great bodily harm, or even death, if they were to appear on the island to inquire about their stolen real estate. The criminal conspiracy also involved the dispatch of street gangs in the United States, to intimidate, threaten and harm the US  citizen victims, to prevent them from pursuing legal avenues to recover their stolen land. The most serious aspect of this case is the fact that Peter Leroy John, and his Crime Family, are seeking revenge against the bloggers who expose their criminal activities.

                                                         WINSTON JOHN


The John Crime Family, and the lawyer-criminals who represent them, have boldly threatened revenge, by burning down any homes or structures on any land parcel where their fraudulent ownership is called into question. A judicial officer in Saint Lucia is presently involved in plotting bogus criminal action against US citizens living in the United States. Details regarding this activity has been passed on to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for further investigation.


 The Government of Saint Lucia  should also note that the John Crime Family are also guilty of environmental crimes. Peter John, and his brother Winston, have unlawfully encroached upon victims' unoccupied land parcel, in order to engage in illegal deforestation of fertile land, in order to produce charcoal for commercial sale. The John brothers are aware that many true landowners are not physically present on the island, as they engage in illegal farming, and in the sale of land parcels that they do not rightfully own.

                                    Peter John's luxury home, held in his brother's name.

We shall expose, by name, the judicial officer participating in the corruption embedded in the Saint Lucia judicial process. Our investigators will also report on their in-depth look at the corrupt attorneys who assist John, and expose their criminal conduct.




 The European Commission sees Malta as its problem child; I see it as a criminal corporation masquerading as a sovereign nation, where it provides a safe harbour for corrupt government officials, career criminals, fraudsters and terrorist financiers. All this crime and corruption has drained tens of millions of dollars from Malta's national treasury, raised consumer and utility prices, and cheated legitimate citizens out of real estate and consumer goods, as criminals can pay top dollar, and rarely are constrained by budgets like normal people who have budgetary considerations when making purchases. Crime hurts everybody who is not a criminal right in the pocketbook.

The failure of the criminal justice system, and the systemic corruption, has caused Malta, in my humble opinion, to forfeit the right to govern its citizens. It is suggested that the United Nations, acting through the Security Council, directly administer Malta, until its institutions can be cleansed of the culture of corruption, all the corrupters turned out of office, and from each and every agency where they lie, cheat and steal from the people.

The is a light at the End of this Tunnel; free, honest government, that deserves to continue as a productive Member of the European Union. Let us hope that there are wise men at the UN who can clean up this mess, and give the Republic of Malta back to it voters, so that free and fair elections, free from bribes and votes bought with dirty money and powerful, but totally evil, influence, can once again occur, God willing.


Monday, March 29, 2021



                                                     Flag of the Republic of Vietnam


Today is the official observance of Vietnam Veterans Day in the US. On May 29, 1973, the last combat infantry unit, part of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam (MACV), was withdrawn from the Republic of Vietnam. Rest in Peace those who did not make it home. 

                                                                    MACV patch



                                                           Karma  by COSIMO


Adrian Hillman, the former CEO involved in the Keith Schembri/Times of Malta corruption case, is not yet in custody and living in the United Kingdom. Is he cooperating, because we have not heard that any extradition demand has been issued against him in Malta ? If he is, then Schembri's eventual conviction is all but assured. And if course, if KS goes down, he certainly will bring Joseph Muscat along with him.

No wonder Muscat has been a ghost lately. As the bagman for most of JMs dirty deals, he funneled bribes and kickbacks worth millions of Euros into Muscat accounts for years. Muscat might very well end up like Panama's General Noriega, who served 20 years in the US, only to be then shipped to France to serve, time and then to Panama for still more prison time. Muscat did commit crimes in multiple jurisdictions; perhaps the attorneys advising him in Malta (Abela?) failed to explain the principle of extraterritorial jurisdiction.

I any event, if our theory about Hillman is correct, then Schembri is surely done, and the damage he can do, all over the Labour Party, as well as to its fat cat businessmen allies, cannot be calculated. We shall wait to be whether Mr. Hillman, who now apparently faces shareholder action against him at Allied, according to information just received,  is cooperating or not.

Sunday, March 28, 2021



                                                                    Peter John


 As our investigation proceeds, we are beginning to understand that while Peter Leroy John was altering St.  Lucia Land Registry maps, by erasing the names of rightful owners, and inserting his proxies' identities as true owners, John also developed a method to turn these bogus land deeds into liquid cash. His textbook fraudulent actions were not only perpetrated against the true land fraud owners/victims, but were also employing bogus deeds which targeted the larger banks and lending entities on St. Lucia, often filing duplicitous loan applications simultaneously.


                                                       Saint Lucia MP Guy Joseph

Since we published our first four articles exposing Peter Leroy John's land fraud scheme, swindling property from many St. Lucia landowners, we have noticed a document published in the St. Lucia Gazette on May 1, 2006, which warrants the government of Allen Chastanet's St. Lucia Police Force to answer certain very important questions. In that document, the First National Bank of St. Lucia,  Claim/Case No. SLUHVC/1998/00157, in which the bank repossessed stolen property from Peter Leroy John, subsequent to him defaulting upon a fraudulent loan, where he used an unlawfully obtained parcel as security. The property was later sold to another at a judicial sale.

                                                              Attorney Vern Gill


By all accounts of the Notice posted in the Gazette, as required by St. Lucia Law, Peter Leroy John and his corrupt St. Lucia lawyer were involved in a transaction by which the bank called in a note on the property which Mr. John claimed to have inherited by donation from his mother, Marie Reine John, on November 2, 1993. 

More importantly, that Deed of Donation was executed before a corrupt St. Lucia lawyer, as Notary  Royal, on October 11, 1994 and registered at St. Lucia Land Registry on November 24, 1994 as Instrument 4714/94. What is even more interesting, and missing from that document is the identity of previous owners of that parcel, measured as 0.09 Hectares, and from whom, and under what Conditions of Exchange did Mrs. Reine John legitimately obtain the land from ?

                                                                Allen Chastanet

It is quite clear that Peter Leroy John could not navigate such a complex financial scheme by himself, without an individual trained in the discipline of law, and knowledgeable regarding the institutionalized corruption embedded in the island's judicial system. We shall continue to report on this developing story, and expose all those involved in an ongoing criminal enterprise, even as the Government of St. Lucia continues to protect the fraudsters. 

                                    Unexplained wealth: Peter Leroy John's luxury home
 For Further Reading:

Saint Lucia Prime Minister Allen Chastanet: Another IDictator Wannabe 

St. Lucia Land Thieves Exploit Americans and Canadians 

Saint Lucia's Prime Minister's Criminal Misconduct 


                                                     The Process Begins  by COSIMO

Today, we are virtually pulling down the statue of Dom Mintoff, to save Malta from itself. The Members of the European Union are democracies, and Malta today is the dictatorship of the Labour Party, which had lofty aims, but has now degenerated into a racketeering organization. Its roots trace directly back to its founding leader, Dom Mintoff whose Socialism strayed far past its initial premise, into radicalism, resulting in friendship with Communists and dictators galore, and an orientation of pseudo-neutrality which was, in truth and in fact, an alliance with dark, non-democratic forces. Crime flourishes in dictatorships when it is convenient for them to close their eyes.

Mintoff adopted many of the tactics employed by the Soviet Union, and as a result, many Maltese patriots reluctantly became expats. His goon squads emulated what Russia was doing in captive Eastern Europe, behind the Iron Curtain. He was no saint, and his legacy should not be preserved. Neither China nor Russia are models which Malta should seek to emulate, for the liberty of its people.

                                                         In motion  by COSIMO 

Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed in Malta, and it became a Member of the EU, in no small part thanks to the Roman Catholic Church, But Mintoff's successors in Labour were infected with the likes of Joseph Muscat and his brethren, whose corruption has taken the soul of the country, and turned it into a criminal enterprise. Crime suppression can, and must, be the first priority in 2021.

If Malta is to be crime-free, then it must return to democracy, and for that reason the corrupt Labour Party must be dissolved; any incorruptible party members should be encouraged to form a new Reform Party. The Nationalist Party,needs competition, Western-oriented as it is. We suggest that the Constitution Party  should be resurrected, as its ideals are more in line with the better aspects of Malta's past than Labour's ever was. 

                                                          Free at Last  by COSIMO

Unless Malta wants to continue to be known as the Bad Boy of the European Union, belonging more in the Middle East than Europe politically, it must begin to face to the West, which means democracy. Otherwise, we fear for its uncertain future, in the gunsights of the EU, UK and US, and the clock's definitely ticking.

Saturday, March 27, 2021


                                                Kiss the Ring  by COSIMO (2018)


Hail ! Hail !

Cause the king is gone

And if you don't stop believing

We'll keep believing

And put the record on

And live the life that you're making

Shots that your taking

So grab the cash and run

And let the suits watch each other

Kill one another

It doesn't matter if the words don't mean a thing

You're gonna kiss that ring.

Kiss the Ring by Chemical Romance

When will the people of Malta abandon the Cult of Personality that the Labour Party has foisted upon them with respect to their Dear Leader, Joseph Muscat ? Alll the dominoes, meaning Muscat's corrupt associates, are falling, with the public disclosures of the sins of his 2013-2019 administration, which was rotten with bribery, kickbacks, and other illicit and very illegal payments and benefits.

It is high time that everyone realizes that additional costs and fees were covertly built in to many, if not all, of Malta's major government projects, and the beneficiaries of the illegal kickbacks were Muscat's cabinet and their supporters. They have stolen for each and every taxpayer and citizen, especially those whose benefits and programs were diminished due to the additional costs of corruption.

Kick Muscat out the door, Malta. The United States wants to talk to him about violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the Money Laundering Control Act.

Friday, March 26, 2021


        "Paint over it, we got more work to do"  by COSIMO


 If you have been reading the summaries of court proceedings recently, you now know that the original estimates, which appeared here on this blog first, that the Muscat/Labour racketeering organization took in between two hundred and three hundred million Euros in bribes, kickbacks, criminal profits and sundry other illicit income. Many readers called our figures into question; now  they can see we were right all along. 

The scam that was perpetrated on the Times of Malta was copied to other big government contracts, such as IIM passport sales, Electrogas power station deal, privatisation of hospitals, and the bloody Montenegro Windfarm transaction. Every taxpayer in Malta is a victim.

Now that all of Malta's Doubting Thomases have digested this confirmation, perhaps they will now stop worrying about their fears that Dear Leader will cheat Lady Justice. Relax, it's not going to happen. Too many people in a faraway land have been labouring for months to that end. Soon come, mates.

     "Don't paint over me, mother______er, I'm still in office,"  by COSIMO



                          The Rogues Gallery of America's Great Corrupters  by COSIMO

Our recent fact-based articles on the corruption-based government in Saint Lucia, led by Prime Minister ALLEN CHASTANET, has reportedly made many government officials nervous and uncomfortable; they will try almost anything to bury the truth. Their Modus Operandi  is to attack the messenger, followed by threats of frivolous litigation and physical intimidation, and finally seeking to inflict great bodily harm, which is also part of their typical response. it appears that a panicked Chastanet government wants to have it both ways; they are hell-bent on attacking the credibility of the person exposing their corrupt and criminal activities in support of the fraudulent operations of Peter Leroy John, but at the same time relying upon the same person to provide them with information about the individuals in St. Lucia who implicated them.

 This blogger served in Vietnam, and has investigated and written about the FARC ( Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) and  Middle Eastern terrorist organizations, and does not fear their threats. We speak Truth to Power here and do not run from a fight, especially where there is rampant corruption to expose.

Two days after the first article was published,we received an email from an individual that I have identified as the Public Relations Officer of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force, stating "It is obvious that you are not from St. Lucia. I read your blog on St. Lucia few days ago. What I really want to know is who supplied you with that information." The caller, who sent the email from his personal account, obviously does not have the discipline, knowledge and protocol to know that journalists never reveal their confidential sources.  He  was surely on a fishing expedition on behalf of his superiors of the corrupt organization.

Prime Minister Chastanet must know that the criminal activities of Peter Leroy John, who while working as a Planning/Land Registry employee were not just limited to actions against one family, as his brother, Winston John a/k/a James, has tried to deceive reporters into believing. Peter John intentionally obtained employment with government for an ulterior purpose. His conduct while on the job was to alter and change land parcel maps of many innocent families from the villages of  Choiseul, Ti Rocher, Bexon La Guerre, and several additional areas on the island. He sometimes used proxies' names on the deeds. John also made his illegal services available to any unscrupulous individual looking to acquire a tract of land by fraudulent means, if their offer of a bribe was right. 

                                                                Peter Leroy John

A few years ago,  one group of victims, who had a large family tree, challenged John in a St. Lucia court; he had perpetrated a major scam on their land, but they possessed evidence overwhelmingly in their favour. The evidence confirmed that Peter John was assisted in his fraud by the unethical bottom-feeder, Saint Lucia Barrister Vern Gill. John and Gill knowingly filed fraudulently altered or forged documents with the courts of St. Lucia, to show that Mr. John was the rightful owner of a property that had been in the victims' family for over six generations. In the US, Canada and the UK, and all other law-abiding jurisdictions, John and his shyster attorney would have faced prosecution for such fraudulent acts, resulting in prison after conviction, plus disbarment for the unethical lawyer's misconduct as an officer of the Court.

                                                                Barrister Vern Gill

It is unclear why the magistrate in the case, who ruled against the victims,  attempted to intimidate the true owner of the land by ordering them to never re-file the case, even if new evidence in support of their  argument were to emerge in the future. Such a public statement by a sitting judicial officer raises very serious questions as to his or her impartiality in the case. Reasonable persons  cannot dismiss the idea that the judge may have been on corrupt. John also embezzled from a 90-year old victim, and subsequently threatened her, causing her attorney to seek a Cease and Desist Order against him, as she feared for her life.


Peter John has violated § 301 of the Saint Lucia Criminal Code, Offences Against Property, Sub-Part A:

(1) Dishonest Appropriation of Property.

(2) With the intention of Permanently Depriving another of Property. 

(3) Obtaining Property by Deception.

(4) Falsification of Note and Mortgage.

(5) Common Forgery.

(6) Forgery of official or Judicial Document.

(7) The Fabrication of False Evidence.

(8) Deceiving a Court or Judicial Officer by Impersonation, False Document, Seal or Signature.

PM Chastanet and his enablers continue to play Attack the Messenger, yet there is zero indication that his office has ordered any investigation , via an objective audit, of Peter Leroy John's many criminal acts upon the poor people of Saint Lucia. We have confirmed that there are many victims who are unaware that their family land, owned for many generations, is no longer in their names.

                                                                 Allen Chastanet

In additional articles, we intend to expose all those in the incompetent and criminal-minded administration of Allen Chastanet's government. The names of the members of the Chastanet Crime Family will all be made public, after indictments or arrest warrants are issued against them. We shall also name the corrupt Magistrate in our next article, which will be a special expose' of judicial misconduct.











A note to show our Malta readers that international journalists are no longer afraid to cast their country as a hotbed of money laundering. Here is a paragraph from the English-language website of Deutsche Welle,  quoting from Die Zeit journalist Ingo Malcher's article on the PDVSA/Matthias Krull case:

" We know that a very large part of the money first went to Malta, namely to shell companies which had 'nominee shareholders,'  strawmen to whom the companies belonged - but only on paper." 

"From Malta, they then reportedly invested the money in different businesses. For example, they invested in bonds issued by a company, or they reportedly invested on a grand scale in real estate in Spain. or they transferred it through so many banks that the sender was no longer recognizable...." How Millions of Dirty Dollars were laundered out of Venezuela.

After the hammer comes down from Moneyval, you can expect more of the same in the international press, which will not be shy in exposing Maltese money laundering any more.


Thursday, March 25, 2021




                                        Taking out the Trash  by COSIMO  

 It seems that the music's not only over for Joseph Muscat, but indeed the entire Malta Labour Party, a racketeering operation masquerading as a political party. It is time for Muscat to consult with American defence counsel, and seek to enter a plea. Otherwise, he's looking at the functional equivalent of a Life Sentence without the Possibility of Parole. ( Parole has been abolished in the Federal Courts).

He also needs to engage one of those services that prepares defendants for Federal Prison; since he was never in the military or police, he is simply not prepared for being placed in a strict institutional setting. How will he adjust without adequate preparation ? He also has what we refer to as Special Circumstances, meaning his personal orientation, and that needs to be addressed.

Finally, as a Roman Catholic involved in a number of crimes, including Homicide, he needs to not only attend Confession, but he needs spiritual guidance, lest he contemplate taking extreme measures. As the song says, he must "cancel [his] subscription to the Resurrection, as [they] send his credentials to the House of Detention." Muscat's personal End of Days is coming. He had best get ready.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021



The District Judge in the massive PDVSA billion dollar money Miami money laundering case has unsealed a previously-granted Rule 35 Motion, granting Swiss money launderer Matthias Krull a Sentence Reduction from ten years to only three and one-half years. A reduction in excess of 50% is rarely given; in this case the Court noted the "nature and extent of Defendant's cooperation, " which was obviously major.

Given that such favourable treatment only comes after the cooperator renders what is known as Substantial Assistance, which means he helped secure indictments and/or the recovery of a substantial amount of criminal proceeds, you can be sure it was something greatly appreciated by the Department of Justice. Given that we are aware of the pending Miami case, a probable sealed indictment in SDNY, and a possible additional sealed indictment in the District of Columbia, the two groups of known targets, the Miami laundrymen not yet charged, and the Malta laundrymen who moved $130m, those two groups should now consider that some of them may very well have sealed indictments pending against them. 

The Sealed Order granting Motion for Reduction of Sentence appears below for your review. It was unsealed yesterday, according to the court docket. Certain criminal defence attorneys in the US are most likely contacting their clients with this bad news. We shall immediately advise our readers when any indictments are unsealed and become public record.


This is Part Three of our continuing series on corruption in the East Caribbean State of Saint Lucia. Prime Minister Allen Chastanet's history clearly demonstrates similarities to another prominent national leader. We are speaking of America's former President, now being referred to by many as the Fake Billionaire. Both men relied upon the previous business success of their families, without spending anything they earned on their own. Both have made extravagant promises to voters, and failed to deliver anything of substance. Using his family name, Chastanet obtained the senior position of Vice President for Sales and Marketing at Air Jamaica from 1995 to 2003, but financial disaster at the company occurred on his watch, again much like the failed companies operated by the former American President that he has so often been compared to. To date, it is still unclear what Chastanet's professed business success stories are, as most of his claimed accomplishments are farfetched, and in some cases completely fabricated, and have no basis in fact.

He came to power as Prime Minister in Saint Lucia, through the General Election, using deceptive and corrupt means, much as the Former Leader in the United States, who conned voters and lied to them about his plans if elected, during the same year that Chastanet was elected, 2016, duping susceptible St.Lucians into electing him. Whereas in the United States, covert assistance from Russia was employed, Chastanet reportedly received help from the notorious Cambridge Analytica, Strategic Communications Laboratories (SCL) and Henley & Partners, in convincing voters to elect him through manipution using social media, and other methods. Cambridge, which closed in 2018, in the midst of the Facebook- Cambridge data scandal, has allegedly been associated with efforts to influence the outcome of the election which Chastanet won handily.

Like the corrupt former US Administration that he has been compared to, Chastanet's government is plagued with crooks, sex criminals and unqualified misfits, which he allows to remain in office. He had the Royal St. Lucia Police Force, known for its rampant corruption, arrest an 18-year old woman who published intimate photographs, and sexually explicit WhatsApp conversations she was having with one of Cabinet Ministers and Senators, after the story of how the Senator took advantage of the young woman appeared in the local press.  Ubaldus: Who's making up Stories ? 

Local media companies are routinely being intimidated from reporting upon corruption in the Saint Lucia Government. Many journalists are being frivolously sued, and ultimately forced to alter their investigative reporting articles which are considered detrimental to Chastanet's reputation, show him to be a wannabee dictator who deceives his voters, working in concert with his Cabinet and associates.

On September 27, 2013, the sitting Prime Minister ordered his Minister for Legal Affairs, Home Affairs and National Security to pursue litigation against a disabled journalist who was exercising his right to Free Speech.

The island's maser criminal, Peter Leroy John, was repeatedly overheard boasting, in several telephone conversations with his potential new clients and criminal associates, that he is well-protected by the present government of St. Lucia, the Police Force, and the corruption-ridden Chastanet Cabinet crime family. We have previously detailed on this blog the nature and extent of his criminal activities, which include but are not limited to, identity theft, land theft, fraud, forgery and extortion.

                                                        Patrick John

 One member of Chastanet's own government took the time, and wrote down important information, made copies of documents, recorded meetings of department heads, and made that information available to US law enforcement. The information has reportedly been duly noted, and investigations initiated. We shall detail additional specific instances of official corruption, and name & shame the participants, in further installments of this story; Stay tuned.



Tuesday, March 23, 2021


                                                                        by  COSIMO
 Legal observers in North America and the European Union, who have long experience watching court proceedings in Malta die a long and painful death, with no conviction or prison time for the guilty parties, are looking at this week's events with a jaded eye. Candidly, there's no way the senior members of the country's Power Elite ( translation: officials and Labour Party members) are going to be convicted, because of one omnipresent, omnipotent person: Joseph Muscat.


                                              The Face of the Enemy by COSIMO


Muscat knows that if his criminal cadre are in custody, serving long terms of imprisonment, they will be sorely tempted to inform on his long laundry list of bribes, kickbacks and other favours that he received from people that you would not want to meet on a dark street corner at midnight, to reduce their sentences, or obtain a pardon, and he knows he cannot kill all of them in their cells. Therefore, he insures that the corrupt judiciary, and prosecutors, use their dilatory powers to deny swift justice, or for that matter, any justice.

Unfortunately for Mr. Muscat, he has failed to reckon with the fact that financial crime, even inside Malta, has global implications, and his upcoming appearance will be in the dock of an American District Court, in a place where his influence and threats do not extend to, and where he will meet his final Destiny . Readers, Stay tuned;  there's so much more ahead.

                              Crimes Against the State  by COSIMO


                                                            Bonus Picture: Night Moves

Note: All three drawings are by COSIMO/.

Monday, March 22, 2021


                                         "No Sign of any Wrongdoing" by COSIMO

If you were agitated after reading Joseph Muscat's brusque dismissal of the potential reopening of the Egrant inquiry, laced with both political invective and a dramatic statement of his own alleged pain as a victim of an unjust crusade against him, you were not alone. JM is arguing that Egrant was an attempted frame-up, against him and his family. If he thinks that, then by reopening the Egrant inquiry, he can clear his name.

Maria Efimova, the Conscience of Malta, has her own take on the call to return to the Egrant matter.

As is our custom, all her statements are verbatim quotes, without editing or alteration:

1. On the appearance of a call to return to the investigation, "Great News ! I hope the inquiry will be reopened and I will be relieved from those ridiculous perjury charges. "  

2.  Regarding the inquiry process itself, " I believe that there are grounds to believe that the Egrant query was concluded too quickly, and there was a set up"

3. Concerning Portelli's sins, "Pierre Portelli, who apparently was working for Yorgen Fenech, gave to the Magistrate the 'forged' documents. And then the forensics confirmed the signatures were falsified."

4. She calls out the fraud, "If Portelli got those forged documents from Nexia BT, then it becomes clear that Ian Abdilla 'didn't find' Pilatus' second operation system, Aaron Bugeja 'couldn't summon' two key witnesses (Dina Stancovic and Linet Estiroti) I told him about, and Forensics were intentionally given the forged documents".

5. And of course the threat, "I was 'advised' not to dare giving the Magistrate the evidence I have, because I would have been immediately charged."

6. On Muscat's accusations, "Muscat says that I am still overseas. True it is because I am overseas that I am still alive. In June 2017, I strongly recommended Daphne to leave Malta, too but unfortunately, she stayed."



John 8:32 (among other places)





Last week, Federal prosecutors in a Miami case closely linked to the Malta money laundering investigation came down hard on a Colombian-American laundryman who had pled guilty, for failing to fully cooperate with the authorities, which demonstrates the zeal with which the prosecution is pursuing its targeted money launderers in the PDVSA cases. The case should be an abject lesson in the serious consequences that occur when a defendant does not completely disgorge his criminal profits, as promised. The Malta targets are not exactly known for being honest and forthright, which comes from living in a culture of deceit and corruption.

When Gustavo Hernandez Fieri, an investment executive who is the cooperating defendant, and is a lawyer named in the Matthias Krull case, which involves $1.2bn that was laundered through Miami and Malta, failed to deliver possession of a luxury residence and other assets, the US Attorney last week notified the Court of his default. He could now, instead of the couple of years he anticipated doing, be sentenced to the maximum, ten years of imprisonment. There is never a good outcome when defendants attempt to outfox the Government, and retain assets.

The lesson for the Malta money laundering targets is simple; the Government will not put up with any misconduct when it cuts a deal for any of the defendant/money launderers in these high-profile cases. If any of them choose to cooperate, should they try to cheat, and hold on to the proceeds of their crimes, it will not go well for them. In this case, his stunts will probably cost Fieri several more years of incarceration. We trust that the lesson has been absorbed by those who may choose to cooperate in the future. 



                                          "Give up the reins, already !"  by COSIMO

Given the importance of the arrests yesterday, of Keith Schembri and ten others, in a case involving corruption, money laundering, fraud and CBI passport sales kickbacks, we have asked Maria Efimova, The former Pilatus Bank staff member, and Malta's best known whistleblower, for her thoughts and comments on the events of the day, and their impact upon Malta.

As is our practice, our quotes are verbatim, without editing, so that our readers understand her unique perspective:

1. On the arrests, " I am sure that the accused will start talking very soon. I sincerely hope there will be no more murders. Brian Tonna and Karl Cini were charged with lying under oath and falsifying documents. I guess they committed the same crime in the Egrant inquiry also."

2. Regarding the extensive delays in the investigation, "It took almost four years for Hillman  & Schembri inquiry to be concluded, while the egrant one was done in one year. Pure set up. "

3. On Pilatus Bank, " Interesting detail. Schembri used Pilatus Bank for his illegal transactions. However no director of Pilatus has been charged. I think they are the untouchable ones, too. I bet Mr. Tonna is mad about it."

4. Discussing the probable outcome of the case, " Not all of them will end up in jail. I guess they will find a way to blame everything on one or two of them, on the less "valuable" ones. That is why the less "valuable" should start talking and revealing - to save themselves."

5. On why this case now, instead of charging new defendants in Daphne's murder or in the major money laundering cases, "They opted for the smallest evil."

                                 Keith "I'm the King of the World" Schembri  by COSIMO


6. About Muscat's subsequent statements, "have you read that Muscat immediately started talking about the Egrant inquiry ? This guy is scared his set-up will fall apart."

7.  Regarding the news about the extradition order upon the Colombian money launderer Alex Saab Moran, who moved $130m through Pilatus Bank, using Elemento Ltd., "Wow! I didn't know that. Muscat definitely blessed those transactions."

8. On the impact of the arrests upon the political situation, " Normally, they should call an election now."

9. Discussing whether Michele Muscat's reputed money laundering through a fashion house exposes her to indictment abroad, " Oh yeah, this lady is in business, too." " She used

10. Finally, on PM Robert Abela, "I think Robert Abela secretly wishes to resign. He looks terrified. " on Abela's prior role as Joseph Muscat's legal advisor,  Not that good of an adviser, as we can see. "

We shall continue to keep our readers advised in the Schembri matter.