Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Federal Courthouse, Miami, Florida
The Chief Judge of US District Court in Miami has entered a order denying an unusual motion, filed by a billion dollar Ponzi schemer, to recuse all of the Federal Judges sitting in South Florida, and thus prevent then from trying his criminal case*. To quote the order, "After carefully considering the statutory standards, the Court concludes that the motion for judicial disqualification and recusal should be denied."
Allan Mendelsohn
 Joel Steinger, accused of orchestrating a $1.25bn life settlement company, but which was in reality a sophisticated Ponzi scheme, alleged that all the judges should be disqualified because ophthalmologist Alan Mendelsohn, who was involved illegal political fundraising, solicited significant campaign contributions from Steinger, in order to fix a pending Florida criminal investigation against him. Mendelsohn told Steinger that the son of a sitting Federal Judge, and the former US Attorney from Miami, were both involved in a corrupt conspiracy to obstruct justice. Mendelsohn was a Republican fundraiser, lobbyist, and adviser to former Florida Governor Charlie Crist. He claimed to be acting on behalf of powerful individuals in government.

The Order Denying Motion for Recusal stated that the participation of both the judge's son, and the former United States Attorney, were fabricated, as Mendelsohn, the other party to the meeting, later admitted that his statements were false.  Mendelsohn was later convicted of conspiracy, in connection with campaign contribution violations, and sentenced to four years in Federal Prison.
* United States vs. Joel Steinger et al, Case No.: 08-21158-CR-SCOLA  (SDFL).
Southern District of Florida

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