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Kenneth Rijock

Friday, October 15, 2021


JM Devouring the Soul of Malta  by COSIMO


Our sources are saying that Malta is rife with rumours that a snap election will be called by the Labour Party before Christmas. As grounds to support that theory,  on the 6th of January, the trial by jury of the botched 2010 HSBC head office heist will commence. CHRIS CARDONA and  CARMELO ABELA's involvement will most certainly be brought out by the defence attorneys in the case, and the anticipated adverse publicity could cost the ruling Labour Party the election.

Cardona has been residing in Dubai for some time, where he has set up an office, though he reportedly is not admitted to the practice of law in the UAE. Whether Abela will be arrested as the consequence of the HSBC trial testimony has been the subject of discussion in recent months.



November would be the last available month, before the Christmas holiday season interferes with any possible election, and that is the month most often mentioned. Will Abela leave Malta before the HSBC trial ? We cannot say, but we will be watching.

Thursday, October 14, 2021


Rosianne, in her Wisdom, decides to tackle Europe, America  & the Whole World  by COSIMO

If you've been reading the articles about the purported lead that the Labour Party has over the Nationalist Party, remember this:

(1) Saviour Balzon, the part owner of Malta Today, where the poll first appeared, has been exposed as the recipient of €1m from PL, over the part five years. Do you really think that the newspaper will endanger that relationship by printing any articles critical of labor ? Get real.

(2) The poll admits that 25% of those contacted declined to supply information. That is because the interviewer know the names of those that he calls, and any voter who admits to voting for PN will most certainly find himself or herself the victim of Pl retribution. So, rather than lie, the respondents do not supply any information.

(3) It's obviously a much higher figure of non-responders, more like at least 33%, which is one-third plus. Given that 92% of eligible Maltese voters show up to cast their ballots, Pl is NOT a shoe-in for the next election.  

(4) PL, through its flawed pollsters, is trying to throw off support for the PN, because once the big scandals get exposed, there will be massive momentum against PL. They are attempting to create a deficit of support before this happens. Included, but not limited to the scandals, is the exact location and amount of kickbacks transferred to JM and his allies.

Please, disregard those doom-and-gloom predictions about how PN is completely out of the running in the next election. Those statements are designed to make PN voters consider not voting at all, as an apparent futile gesture. Don't you believe it; the next election results will surprise you. 


Rosianne summons her colleagues to follow her  by COSIMO





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Wednesday, October 13, 2021



A gathering of Champagne Socialists  by COSIMO

Note to Readers: All statements cited as being made by Maria Efimova are verbatim quotes; they have not been edited or modified in any way. 

As Maltese law enforcement officials again promote bogus perjury charges against Maria Efimova, the whistleblower herself  has a few punches, and they are landing hard upon their intended targets. The subject again came up during a court enquiry into Egrant, as the police charged former FIAU inspector Jonathan Ferris with Perjury. Police Inspector Matthew Vella testified that Ms. Efimova should be investigated for the same crime.

(1) Ms. Efimova declined to produce her Egrant expert's report, and accompanying documents, to the Greek court recently, but the opportunity did not arise, as the case was postponed to early 2022. "The evidence is there. I was ready to hand it to the judge here in Greece, to help my husband's case hearing. However the hearing was adjourned. We trust that those readers of this blog who accused us of fabricating her intent to produce her evidence now understand that Maria fully intended to do so, but the postponement of the hearing made this impossible. She states that her counsel will verify this.

(2) Regarding the article discussing the possibility of yet another perjury investigations: "In regard to the LovinMalta story, I would like to say that Malta should stop inventing accusations against me. I expect a whistleblower status instead." Was this return to her perjury charge yet another effort by Joseph Muscat, in the shadows, to divert attention from his wife Michelle, and her obvious ownership of Egrant ? 

(3) She has again showed her cards to PM Robert Abela, who is clearly afraid to designated her as a protected whistleblower, as her testimony and evidence will incriminate MM: "I want to add that, according to the VERIFIED EVIDENCE I have in hand, EGRANT belonged  (since it is now dissolved) to MS. MICHELLE MUSCAT, nee Tanti, born on 16/05/1974, in Rabat."

The whistleblower has, once again, spoken. Do we have to wait for a Prime Minister from the Nationalist Party to finally grant Ms. Efimova the whistleblower status that she has so richly earned, to see the evidence ? 

Tuesday, October 12, 2021


The Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica is in Pakistan, to mark the opening of a Pakistani medical school in Dominica. Add to this the opening of a CBI consultancy in Pakistan, which will facilitate the sale of Dominica passports and citizenship to Pakistanis, the Taliban, and any global terrorists that decide they need a passport that offers visa-free EU entry, and you have a perfect storm for disaster for the nations of North America and Europe. A clear and present danger now exists, but it is not being responded to. 

Why is the United States pointedly ignoring Dominica, which has become a center of Communist Chinese influence. Now, adding the distinct possibility of terrorists, armed with Dominica passports, coming to the Caribbean, and the new nonstop American Airlines flights from Dominica to the US, and the risk of terrorism within the American homeland has increased exponentially. What's wrong with this picture ? 

I don't know who is in command at the US State Department, at the Caribbean Desk, but they are certanly asleep at the switch. Do we want Taliban agents in the Caribbean, Chinese warships plying Caribbean waters, and God know what other real nightmares Dominica has in store for us ? I doubt it. Someone at State needs to wake up. 

 Most American are not aware of this, but military officers from East Caribbean states are being trained at Chinese military academies; China has supplied Dominica's paramilitary police with weapons and armored cars. When Cuba threatened to overwhelm grenada, the US stepped in with an invasion, but now American is seen as a toothless paper tiger in the Caribbean. What will happen now?

Sunday, October 10, 2021



A number of articles* have appeared on this blog, containing information supplied by homeowners who assert that they have been the victims of illegal mortgage foreclosure actions, brought by FAY SERVICING LLC, a mortgage servicer for certain prominent American financial institutions. Now, in a professional negligence action brought by on behalf of one of  Fay's clients,, we have the rare opportunity to peek inside its operations, to further understand why its lawyers allegedly play fast and loose with the truth, and violate the Canons of Professional Ethics, while artfully divesting the victims of their homes, and how they take their properties while deceiving them about the status of their cases. 

The malpractice action, captioned NRZ PASS-THROUGH TRUST X et al vs. JAMES E. ALBERTELLI, P.A. d/b/a ALBERTELLI LAW,  Case No.: 2020-CA-006724-MA ( Cir. Ct. Duval Co. Fla.), alleges that the defendant law firm, a foreclosure agent for Fay, was professionally negligent in a case involving real estate in which Fay's client, Bank of America, held an interest to real property. While all the facts are not alleged in the pleadings, it  appears that a condominium association successfully prevailed over Fay's bank client. Legal Malpractice is alleged to have occurred.

The docket note that a Motion to Dismiss has been filed in the action, together with a Motion to Strike the demand for Attorney's Fees. Additionally, a Motion for a More Definite Statement has also been filed. The Florida Rules of Civil Procedure allow such a motion when the Compliant is so vague and ambiguous that the party responding cannot reasonably prepare a response. Fla. R. Civ. P.  1.140 . The Court has not yet ruled on these ending motions; the case is presently in the Discovery phase.

The action also contains a Breach of Contract count, and a Legal Services Agreement between Fay Servicing and the Albertelli law firm is attached as an exhibit. It appears to be the form contract Fay uses to retain foreclosure counsel. This agreement puts all its lawyers on a tight leash, involving restrictions on  billing, including a provision that a maximum of two bills for legal services in an uncontested matter are permitted. Many of the victims have alleged that some of the foreclosure lawyers retained by Fay misled borrowers into believing that a refinancing of their past-due debt was in progress, causing them to not defend their foreclosure. The victims also alleged that Fay attorneys misrepresented to a number of courts that a request for a modification of mortgages in default had not been submitted, or any other settlement, notwithstanding that the homeowners had a good faith belief that their cases were not proceeding through the foreclosure process to a final judgment. The were deceived, they allege.

If the lawyers retained by Fay Servicing have a well-founded fear of imminent malpractice actions against them, notwithstanding that it is impossible to predict how a judge or jury will rule, it may explain, though not excuse, their sharp tactics. Apparently, Fay Servicing is only interested in a successful outcome, irrespective of the methods used, or it goes after its own lawyers when things don't go their way in court. Both the attorneys and their client come up short when it comes to ethics.

Meanwhile, the reportedly illegal, improper and unethical actions of Fay Servicing, and its lawyers, continue to be ignored by US Attorney General Merrick Garland, the Department of Justice, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and the various state attorneys general, especially in the State of California, where Fay continues to exploit the lucrative housing market, making America's Senior citizens homeless. These law enforcement agencies are doing nothing to enforce the laws protecting our Seniors from this predatory mortgage servicing firm.


*Victims allege that Fay Servicing Attorneys made Material Misstatements of Fact ( this article has links to several additional articles from this blog concerning Fay Servicing).



"It's my Turn,".  by COSIMO

Malta's Labour Party's seven years of corruption have ruined all the preceding generations of progress in Malta. Whether you know it as The Party of Black Monday, The Party of the Cult of Personality, or the Party of "Champagne Socialists," Malta today sits in a very, very bad place, because of Labour's misrule. Sanctioned by the Financial Action Task Force, rated high risk by the United Kingdom and the Basle Institute of Governance, it sits literally on the edge of FinCEN and OFAC designations, either of which could throw the country into a deep economic depression. 

Its law enforcement, prosecuting and regulatory agencies, corrupt to the core, have allowed senior Labour officials to commit money laundering and accept bribes and kickbacks with impunity. It has been estimated that over €300m have been accumulated by ministers who are senior Labour Party officials. Its Citizenship by Investment (IIM) Programme, which gave visa-free EU entry to transnational criminals, corrupt Politically Exposed Persons, is under legal attack from the European Union, which declares it to be inconsistent with European values. The Rule of Law does not exist, and there is no justice.

The country has degenerated into a Mafia State, where the Labour leadership seeks, and obtains, absolute loyalty from its base, and where they operate a racketeering enterprise that receives financial benefits from dozens of organized crime crews. Their loyal Party members are placed in lucrative government jobs; others receive consulting contracts; all of this places Malta in serious debt far in excess of tax revenues.

Unless the United States, the United Kingdom, or the Government of Italy intercedes, and brings criminal charges against the career criminals who currently occupy Castille, the nightmare will continue.  The House of Cards will not fall without outside intervention. 

The Pope should not just postpone his trip; he should cancel it, for there's just too much pure evil afoot in Malta. The Sinners far outnumber the Honest People.

"Oops"  by COSIMO

Friday, October 8, 2021


MM tells Malta's poor "Let them eat cake."  by COSIMO

Italy's law enforcement agencies have expanded their criminal investigations of illegal activities in the Republic of Malta, according to a reliable source. They also advised the Vatican that the present might not be a good time for the Pope to visit the country, and it is believed that their recommendations factored into the Pontiff's decision to postpone his trip for a few months. While there may have been other factors involved, this aspect of the reason for the decision could signal a new Italian interest in Malta's affairs as they impact crime in Italy.

 It is regrettable that the Pope's visit will be delayed, for the people of Malta could use a positive influence right about know, in the aftermath of the FATF Greylisting, and other actions, by the UK and the Basle Institute, against Malta. Malta certainly needs some good news as a morale booster.

We have been wondering of late how the United States learned that one of its major fugitives, the Italian-American, Frank Rafaraci, was en route to Malta. Rafaraci, who is a dual national, US-Italy, is a resident of Dubai, but is also known to spend a substantial amount of time in Sicily. Given our new information about increased Italian interest in crime in Malta,we believe that it was the Italian government that tipped off the Americans that their fugitive was in transit, and soon to arrive in Malta. Italy, as a rule does NOT extradite its citizens, but if they are present abroad, that's another issue entirely.

Thursday, October 7, 2021


Our international readers, who do not have access to Maltese media, may wish to read the Official Notice of the Times of Malta Printing Press case. It appears above. You may have to Zoom in to enlarge the type in order to read the Notice.

Wednesday, October 6, 2021


"When everyone around you is a Bad Clown, you've gotta do a lot to Stand Out  by COSIMO

if you are new to this blog, and want to see more of COSIMO's outstanding work, which regularly accompanies our Malta articles, go to Google Images ( and type in " Cosimo Malta" to see a large number of the drawings and sketches that have already appeared here. Many a Maltese sinner has been depicted, warts and all, unplugged, to make a point, whether it is about corruption, financial crime or one of the other Deadly Sins. We hope that you get the message loud and clear. 

He's not showing any signs of slowing down in these troubled times, so expect to continue see a lot more COSIMO here on a regular basis. 


Tuesday, October 5, 2021


JM Out of Synch with Himself  by COSIMO


A Federal Magistrate has entered an Order Directing Discovery, in the second case filed on behalf of the beneficial owner of Malta's Pilatus Bank (Alpene Limited), against businesswoman Elizabeth McCaul, regarding a dispute with the Republic of Malta over the revocation of the bank's license by the European Central Bank. The first Discovery case, filed in US District Court in New Hampshire. against the Competent Person, who was supervising the bank's winding down, was dismissed for failure to comply with specific Federal statutory requirements. We have been critical of that case on this blog, because it was filed by a Miami attorney, with local counsel, and sought to move the case forward after the time for service of process had expired, and dismissal had already occurred.

This second case has been unopposed to date, but there may be issues regarding Service of Process. The order was entered on September 20, 2021, as well as a Motion to Compel.  We are closely monitoring this case, and shall update our readers on all developments as they occur. 

Docket Sheet (partial)

Where's Michelle's Pilatus Account ?  by COSIMO



This week's announcement by the Bank of Valletta, that its depositors will be losing their Mastercard brand credit cards, but will have the ability to acquire VISA cards, may not have been entirely truthful. I have had personal experience with Mastercard management in high-risk jurisdictions, and the company is known to be properly, risk-adverse when it comes to such situations. Was this really Mastercard's decision to close out BOV customers use of their product, and the information released was merely a public relations spin ? 

While we are on the subject, it is known that America's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, more commonly known as FinCEN, is investigating Malta's financial structure; FinCEN could issue an Advisory on BOV, which would most likely drive customers out of the bank in droves to its competitors. It could also send its evidence and recommendations to its sister agency, OFAC, the Office of Foreign Assets Control, whose powerful ability to impose sanctions upon the bank, which would cut off the banks from the American financial system altogether, would amount to a death sentence.

 While financial observers might claim that the bank is "Too Big to Fail," its abysmal track record on Anti-money Laundering, and its repeated failure to address all AML/CFT issues since they were exposed in 2015, when coupled with the inability of the European Central Bank (ECB) to enforce its laws and regulations, may justify sanctions. While it was never publicly released the ECB's confidential report on BOV is said to be scathing, roasts management and officers as corrupt and incompetent,and demands AML reform.  You can believe that FinCEN has that report in hand, which cites offshore gambling, ship registration, and listing Citizenship by investment passport holder clients as "Maltese," to justify their low-risk status, among the bank's many shortcomings and deficiencies. As a former compliance officer, the bank's facilitation of Pilatus Bank's massive money laundering is sufficient grounds to justify sanctions.

 As an alternative to American sanctions, which we assume will be fatal to its global operations, we should also mention that returning the bank's ownership to its original National Bank of Malta shareholders, is also a solution. One of Malta's greatest continuing injustices was the nationalization of the bank, under bogus grounds, by the radical Socialist Prime Minister Dom Mintoff, under whose autocratic rule the country existed as a dictatorship, bent on reducing the influence of oldline Maltese families, who owned most of the bank. Some legal authorities have labeled Mintoff's act of nationalization as an illegal Crime Against the State; European historians may agree that it was a gross injustice based upon Mintoff's Anti-Colonialism.

 For decades, Malta's corrupt courts have delayed dispensing any justice to these original NBM owners, a fact that has not escaped the notice of the other members of the European Union. Perhaps returning BOV to its rightful owners, obviously through a method outside the Maltese courts, so that capable operators can manage the bank's affairs, rather than the present officials, who, according to the ECB,  deserve a grade of "F" in Anti-money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism. 

 In any event, something's got to be done. Will it be the painful imposition of sanctions, or some other solution ?


"I could clearly see the American arrest warrant was defective."  by COSIMO


The decision, by a Maltese magistrate, to decline to hold a major American fugitive on an arrest warrant issued by the United States, is probably just one more instance of official corruption in Malta's court system, where the Rule of Law is seldom followed, and dark and powerful criminal forces, hidden from public view, often pull strings to free the guilty, and deny justice to the victims.

The defendant, Frank Salvatore Rafaraci is an Italian-American who holds dual citizenship with the US and Italy and divides his time between Dubai and Sicily. We have previously detailed the criminal charges pending against him in the District of Columbia*. We now learn that Rafaraci's port servicing company, Multinational Logistics services (MLS), was headquartered in Malta. Perhaps there's more to this case than meets the eye, in a country fatally infected with systemic corruption.

 Considering the size of the US Government contracts MLS performed, overcharging, padding costs, and committing fraud estimated to be at least $50m, substantial criminal proceeds transited corporate bank accounts in Malta, en route to Dubai, which has no extradition treaty with the United States. Given the amount passing through Maltese bank accounts, and the likely criminal profits derived by powerful local businessmen with influence in both government and the judiciary, the decision to free Rafaraci on grounds not supported by Maltese law, reeks of corruption at the highest level.

We also note that Rafaraci allegedly paid $20,00, in cash, to a US Navy official, by handing him an envelope containing a bribe, in Miami, as well as paying another substantial cash bribe in Manama.

Which Maltese banks serviced MLS, and which local services firm handled his corporate matters ? It might be interesting to see whether any sitting ministers are linked to Rafaraci's business interests. 


*Malta frees wanted Major American Fugitive

Monday, October 4, 2021


"Yes, it's all cash, but no, I only had a very small role"  by COSIMO

Inasmuch as there seems to be no stopping the obscene over development of Malta by the construction industry, who will in$ure around election time that the building of many, many Towers of Babel will continue as infinitum, perhaps we can ask Yorgen Fenech to tell us how cheap & trashy Miami Beach looks, since he's planning on moving there permanently.

Will the British tourists stop coming when Malta no longer looks like Capri, but resembles downtown Pittsburgh ?  Since Malta is losing its offshore industry, it shouldn't lose its tourist industry as well.


Sunday, October 3, 2021


Rumours are swirling around the www that today, at 0430 GMT, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) will release a carload of documents. This latest leak is said to originate from Dubai. We will update our readers as soon as more information becomes available.


His name is FRANK SALVATORE RAFARACI, an American fugitive who flew into Malta, only to be arrested upon a request of the United States to detain and ultimately extradite him. He faces charges of money laundering, bribery and wire fraud. It seems he defrauded the US Navy,  the figure of $50m is alleged, as his bribery of US officials involved in government contracts. 

He appears to be a resident of the Emirates, and he does have corporate assets in Malta, as well as in the UK, through a Maltese lawyer based in London. Somehow the US learnt of his pending arrival, and submitted documents from US District Court in the District of Columbia.

This where it gets interesting; the judge assigned to hear the case in Malta found that, since the charging document was only a Criminal Complaint and not an indictment, there was no equivalent under Maltese law, and therefore the US position was fatally flawed. He invalidated the arrest warrant and also dismissed any pending extradition proceedings.

Was anyone from the US Department of Justice negligent in submitting the documents ? In the American Federal Criminal system, a Criminal Complaint, supported by a sworn affidavit of a law enforcement officer with personal knowledge, is often the first step in a case, but it is then generally followed up by securing an indictment through a Grand Jury. A Criminal Complaint is a formal pleading that Federal prosecutors can use to begin the process of seeking an indictment, and pursuing federal criminal charges.

 It is that indictment that the Maltese judge insisted upon having in hand to hold Rafaraci. 

Now, when defendants are outside US jurisdiction, and the US Marshals Service or some other US agency cannot detain him, the indictment is usually sealed, to prevent him from learning about its existence, and fleeing to a non-extraditable country. That is pretty much standard practice. 

Did USDOJ screw up, by failing to deliver the indictment in Malta, or was this some cute shortcut by which the defendant might be detained, without having to expose the indictment ? Or more ominously, was this professional negligence (malpractice) on the part of some unnamed government attorney, who neglected to acquire an official, authenticated copy of the indictment timely ?

Finally, was this actually a product of official corruption on the part of the Maltese magistrate judge, in dismissing the case due to pressure from powerful forces inside local government, responding to those shady businessmen and lawyers acting on behalf of Rafaraci inside Malta ? If we are talking about $50m in fraudulently obtained profits, which would have to be laundered and invested, is Malta the location of the criminal proceeds ? Perhaps there's a major motivation from those involved, to see that Rafaraci is freed to leave Malta.

Right now, it's a mystery without  a solution; we shall continue to investigate and will update our readers on a developments as they occur; Stay tuned.


Saturday, October 2, 2021



Longtime readers of this blog may recall the time I learnt of a secret branch of a Swiss bank, operating out of an import-export company in Caracas. A large number of Venezuelan officers were known to make frequent visits to the underground branch, for no reasons connected to the company purported legitimate business. We confirmed its existence by having a client from the old days call the company and, dropping the name of an active money launderer that we knew to made cash deposits there, as a reference, asked for detail about the "services" provided there for the Swiss parent. Yes, they manager fell for it and confirmed the "full-service" nature of the secret branch.  

Fast forward to 2021; A senior Swiss bank employee, based in Geneva, has advised that his bank maintains an entity, actually a broker, in Miami's downtown business district, to service the bank's US and Latin American clients. The client place their orders through this branch, which immediately mirrors these orders in Geneva. There are no open or pending positions; everything is done with typical Swiss efficiency, on a real-time basis. When a clients wants details of his holdings, it is sent to him through Switzerland.

We are not supplying any details of our whistleblower, other than the act he is in a unique position to know about operations of the underground branch, and that he disapproves. Perhaps someone in the Florida Office of Financial Regulation's Division of Financial Institutions might see this article an commence an investigation. If a Swiss bank wants to do business here, it must comply with Chapter 663 of the Florida Statutes. The "Miami Vice" days of banking in Miami are long gone; Somebody in Geneva apparently didn't get the message.



We call it the Law of Unintended Consequences; an American (no pun intended) aviation company announces that it will be offering nonstop flight between the United States and the Commonwealth ( again, no pun intended) of Dominica. The American Airlines flights, which will commence during the Winter Caribbean tourist season, while allowing Americans and Canadians on holiday to more easily access Dominica's beautiful tropical climate and all the attractions that make a visit memorable, it will also assist in much darker endeavors.

What types of bad acts, you are asking ? Try money laundering, official corruption, violations of the American Foreign Corrupt Practices Act & the UK Bribery Act, and many other financial crimes connected to Dominica's Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme, which allow international financial criminals to purchase, for cash, Dominica passports and citizenship, which allows visa-free access to Europe, and other lucrative targets for financial crime.

International criminals with Dominica CBI passports

At least before, Dominica-based transnational criminals who had US dollars, either in bulk cash, or in financial instruments, were required to travel by way of a third Caribbean country. Now, compliance officers at Miami-area banks will have to alert their front-line staff that illicit deposits originating in Dominica may cross their paths, and Enhanced Due Diligence will be necessary forthwith, to rule out the placement of illicit funds.

Just the other day,  Dominica was jolted by the revelation that a major transnational criminal was allowed to renew his Dominica CBI passport, whilst he was wanted by INTERPOL.  Any financial criminal, terrorist financier, or known Public enemy can obtain a Dominica CBI passport on demand. no questions asked.

Also, given the underground programme involving the cash sale of diplomatic passports by Dominica PEPs, which is widespread, it is possible that the Proceeds of Crime may enter the Continental United States without US Customs inspection. It only takes one US Government employee at the functional equivalent of the border at MIA to presume a diplomatic passport holder is the real McCoy, and admit him or her without further inquiry or Secondary Inspection.

Let this article serve as fair warning to American compliance officers: the Dominicans are coming, and some of them are not what they appear to be. Stay alert, please. They have a lot of dirty money to clean. 

Oh, and don't expect US law enforcement to reign in all that money laundering, FCPA violations, human and civil rights violations, corruption, and sundry other international financial crimes, for the Department of Justice has studiously avoided charging any PEP from Dominica for the last two decades, when the current corrupt administration came into power. There must be some senior US Government official afraid of the political fallout in the Caribbean, should any guilty PEP be indicted for money laundering.


Friday, October 1, 2021


 "This is a Prime Minister under whose watch Malta was Greylisted, precious countryside was handed over to bird-killers, rampant over development went on unchecked, no infrastructural projects of any note, apart from a few junctions which singularly failed to cure the gridlock problem were undertaken, educational achievements were among the lowest in the EU, very little prosecution was done against criminals of gross crimes against the Maltese people, renewable energy and waste-separation targets were missed by the biggest amounts in the EU, where air quality declines daily, where entire beaches/stretches of coast have been seized by squatters, where the word 'meritocracy' has been deleted from our dictionary, where broadcasting, the judiciary, the police force and the Army remain hijacked,"


I couldn't have said this better myself. Wake up, Malta. You have paved paradise and put up a parking lot. 

Wednesday, September 29, 2021


What, me Worry ?  by COSIMO


We are asking our regular readers on Malta, and expats abroad, to contribute their fair share to keeping this blog up and running. Unfortunately, apart from the usual small group of loyal supporters, we are not seeing any of the large readership pitching in. We need your help, mates, for we do not accept advertising, so as to remain independent. Please keep us going, By making a Donation through the box at the right-hand side of the page. use your desktop, laptop or tablet, not through your smartphone, to do do, please. 

 Thank you for your support to Kenneth Rijock's Financial Crime Blog.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021



Sticking his Neck Out by COSIMO 

A dodgy individual who is the personification of Maltese corruption has published another opinion piece, in Malta Today, attempting to minimize the FATF Greylisting, insisting that it was done maliciously by the United States, after PM Abela played politics with the visiting American Secretary of Defence, Mark Esper. As the saying goes, "People who live in Glass Houses should not Throw Stones."

 MICHAEL FALZON, thrown out of the Nationalist Party after it was disclosed that he has a half a million Euros in a Swiss account, which he could not satisfactorily explain, has no bloody business minimizing the FATF action by saying that more money laundering, by volume, occurs in New York and London. He's alleging that a vengeful USA orders the FATF to Greylist little Malta in retribution for a perceived insult, served up by PM Robert Abela, upon Sec Def Esper. While we are sure that the US did not appreciate Abela's gameplaying with then-Secretary Esper, (he is known to have the same thick skin common to all American CEOs), Falzon's was in error, when he cited that as the reason.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Malta's well-oiled money laundering machine has taken on a transnational dimension in recent years, and  thereby directly impacted the American financial structure. One only need mention some of the names to prove this thesis: Pilatus Bank; Alex Nain Saab Moran; Iran sanctions violations; cocaine smuggling; fuel oil smuggling; Tuna laundering; IIU [Citizenship by Investment programme]; Matthias Krull. The list goes on and on ad infinitum.

Back in his Place by COSIMO

The criminal use of US Dollars, which must all move through the New York banking structure, placed Malta near the top of the list of jurisdictions designated as a Clear and Present Danger to American National Security due to Money Laundering and Terrorist financing. it is a cesspool of financial crime whose impact reaches the United States, when all that dirty money flows through New York's banks, and the Federal Reserve.

Having demonstrated that the US has ample reason to vote for Greylisting at the FATF conference, joining the UK and Germany, we now must examine the motive for Falzon to spread such disinformation, which is a clear effort to minimize the impact of the FATF ruling.  He was at the center of the ICIJ Swiss leaks scandal,  after his name showed up having a €465,000 account at HSBC in Switzerland, Although he feebly attempted to claim he earned that money prior to public service, most observers believe that it was the criminal proceeds of bribes received whilst he served in the government, and  that a businessman entering public service after enjoying such "extraordinary financial success" was not likely in Malta. 

His explanation is simply not credible. Falzon later sought, and received legal protection from being arrested for tax evasion and corruption, from Joseph Muscat, with whom he has hitched his star in recent years. Another bad move, given the very public exposure of the criminal history of any Maltese bad actors. Muscat apparently even subsequently granted him amnesty.

Just before her assassination, Daphne Caruana Galizia examined Michael Falzon's many sins, and pronounced him one of the "sleazy scum that has now scraped itself to the surface, and is now running the show ...while cheating all the way to the bank; in Falzon's case: HSBC Private Bank in Geneva."

She wrote the article on September 5, 2017; her final advice to her Fellow Maltese:

"My advice to young Maltese people remains the same: leave. you don't need this. these people are going to carry on poisoning the next few decades, nil natural causes carry them away, but they will meanwhile be coaching an entirely new generation to carry on poisoning it after they are gone with their HATRED, GREED, CHIPS, SLEAZE and CORRUPTION." Running Commentary.



"JM Under the Azeri Thumb" by COSIMO


If this week wasn't bad enough for Maltese who believe in justice and the Rule of Law, the disclosure that, in his tell-all book, A Rent Seeker's Paradise, former PL executive Mark Camilleri related that Joseph Muscat's Office of the Prime Minister, which was dirty trick headquarters, passed around the rumour that, right after her assassination, investigative reporter Daphne Caruana Galizia was murdered by oil smugglers. 

To add insult to injury, the details included the tidbit about Chief of Staff Keith Schembri feeding that dastardly lie to his street operators, who gave it to the pro-Labour elements in the Maltese media. Why has this information never before become public knowledge ? If it had, perhaps Schembri might have been forced to divest himself of his behind-the-scenes control of Malta's own Gestapo, the Malta Security Service.

While it seems to be a part of the Labour playbook to attempt to frame others for your crimes, the arrogance of this particularly despicable rumour, when JM actually knew who the guilty parties were is, without a doubt, even a new low for Joseph Muscat. The fact that Robert Abela and the Labour leadership has not banished him from the PL speaks volumes about the rampant evil that pervades the Party.

Frankly, Malta doesn't deserve a visit from the Holy Father; there are just far too many unrepentant Sinners in its government. 

What would Saint Peter think about Malta now ?

Sunday, September 26, 2021



We cover a lot of cases involving corruption on this blog, probably because corruption is one of the 22 predicate offenses for money laundering. While most of our articles deal with criminal conduct that occurs abroad, today we are focusing on corrupt activities much closer to home, in this case California. I know many of our readers think the official corruption that they watch on television, on Animal Kingdom, which is set in Southern California, is fiction. Unfortunately, at least in Palm Springs, it is all too real.

Know Your Predicate Acts

Palm Springs is no stranger to corruption; its former mayor, Steve Pougnet, and developers were charged in a massive corruption case that seems to go on forever. Allegations of hundreds of thousands of bribe payments, so that the mayor would vote favorably on matters involving developers, appear to be supported by the evidence. One of the developers was dismissed by the trial judge; an appeal is reportedly pending of that controversial ruling. The case involves thirty counts of Bribery, Perjury and Conflict of Interest.

Elizabeth Melita Gargan, a seventy year-old widow and senior citizen, has reportedly been the subject of multiple bogus criminal charges flied against her, on behalf of an allegedly corrupt and racist Homeowners Association intent upon removing her from her home, and selling it in today's lucrative California housing market. There is absolutely no factual basis for the criminal charges, and the defendant has alleged that the City of Palm Springs, allegedly acting on behalf of the Homeowners Association, was instrumental in seeing that false charges were filed against two individuals who refused to testify against Ms. Gargan.

Jeffrey Ballinger

She also claims that Palm Springs City Attorney Jeffrey Ballinger has violated the Rules on Professional Conduct of the State Bar of California by filing multiple frivolous criminal charges against her, and by misleading the court in those cases. He is believed to be the principal actor in the Civil and Human Rights violations committed through the court system.

Ms. Gargan claims that the Riverside County District Attorney's Office was instrumental in the repeated filing of bogus charges against her, which were filed solely to facilitate her illegal removal from her home, so that the Homeowners Association(HOA) could sell it for a large sum. She further alleges a conspiracy between the Association's managers and the City of Palm Springs, which includes efforts to mislead the court about her purported role in drug offenses, which are completely false, and intended to poison the court's mind about thOSE cases. There are clearly Human and Civil Rights issues here, as repeated racist conduct by the Homeowners association managers, regarding Ms. Gargan, has been alleged. Apparently, the HOA managers are allegedly working with a local resident, JEFF BOSACKI, to harass and persecute Ms. Gargan, to run her out of her home.


Federal investigations into official corruption at Palm Springs City Hall have been conducted before; back in 2015, an estimated seventy-five Federal and State investigators descended on City Hall, serving and executing search warrants, as part of a major public corruption inquiry. We now have new information that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Justice civil Rights Division are planning on a new phase of investigation of the continuing corruption in Palm Springs government. We trust that they also take a hard look at Jeff Bosacki, to determine the extent of his involvement in the alleged criminal conduct.

Considering all the places in Palm Springs named after President Ronald Reagan, we wonder what he would have thought about all this corruption infecting his hometown.


we have chosen to focus upon Palm Springs 


In the aftermath of the triple threat of adverse rulings foreign regulators and NGOs have visited upon the Republic of Malta (FATF Greylisting, UK High-Risk designation, and Basle Institute AML rating), compliance officers at international banks are waiting for the next regulatory shoe to drop. We doubt that they will have long to wait. 

The regulatory agencies most likely to be next are The Office of Foreign Assets Control, OFAC, and The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, commonly referred to as FinCEN, both of which are in the United States. Should OFAC sanction any Maltese banks or entities, due to the Pilatus Bank scandal, those financial institutions will be then be totally blocked from the American financial structure, and will most likely eventually fail. if FinCEN namemes any Maltese entities or banks, such targets will immediately become toxic in the international compliance world, and might also be barred from most EU, as well as North American, transactions; My money is on FinCEN, whose actions are not exactly sanctions, but which have the same effect in the compliance industry.


 Given the failure of Malta to name and shame (and arrest) the Pilatus directors and senior officers, as it was instructed, expect something untoward to happen, and it will get ugly. Once one of those agencies takes action, you can expect to see FINTRAC, Canada's equivalent of FinCEN, to take a hard look at Malta. 


I also believe that AUSTRAC, the Australian agency, will examine Malta, due to the large number of Maltese expats who live there. Malta's utter failure to charge Pilatus directors is the obvious primary reason, although the recent EU reminder to cancel its Citizenship by Investment (IIM) programme might also be to blame.


 How much worse does Malta have to look, in the eyes of the world's banks, for it to take remedial action ?

Saturday, September 25, 2021


MFSA Supervisor Catherine Galea

Compliance officers at financial institutions in the European Union, meet Malta Financial Services Authority Banking Supervisor Catherine Galea, a 20-year veteran of that agency, who was entrusted with carrying out an Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) investigation of ALI SADR HASHEMI NEJAD, in connection with the banking license application of PILATUS BANK. How do we know this information ? It seems that the Compilation of Evidence, against defendants  Pilatus Bank, and its Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO) CLAUDE ANN SANT FOURNIER, in a money laundering case, has begun, and Ms. Galea,, on behalf of the MFSA, is testifying as to the EDD she conducted on Ali Sadr.

As was reported today in the Maltese media, in assessing Ali Sadr's risk profile, Ms. Galea stated that she found Sadr to be born in Iran, but in truth and in fact a citizen of Saint Kitts & Nevis. This incredible finding of fact proves just how ineffective her EDD investigation actually was, for even a rudimentary check of Sadr would find that he was indeed a citizen of the Islamic Republic of Iran (a high-risk country), and his wealthy father was a well-known businessman there.

 Sadr's SKN passport was acquired through the Kittitian Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programme, and he was neither a resident of St. Kitts, nor did he ever live there, and his economic "citizenship" was a cruel joke played upon the compliance officers of the world, because it allowed him to pretend that he was from a low-risk jurisdiction.

Of course, Ms. Galea, who lives in such a  country where citizenship and passport are yours if you pass enough money over the counter in Valletta, no matter who you may be, she knew very well that his citizenship was a legal fiction, and that he was an Iranian national, making him an unacceptable high-risk for a banking license within the European Union, given the international sanctions in place against Iran.



Yet, she passed Sadr, and indeed the Pilatus Bank license application was fast-tracked and ultimately granted. The rest is history; the bank went on to move millions for corrupt Asian PEPS, Latin American fraudsters and asset diversion specialists, Colombian money launderers, and all the usual suspects involved in global financial crime. Don't forget cleaning bribe and kickback money also.

So, since it all started with Ms. Galea, the gatekeeper who left the gate wide open, and therefore committed compliance malpractice, should she not also be held accountable for her sins ?  Having served as a compliance officer, conducting EDD on international investors, I can testify that there's no question this was a massive compliance failure. who is going to do something about it ?

Friday, September 24, 2021



JM Partying Like it's 1999  by COSIMO

We have a report that the Cyprus extradition case against Pantelis Varnavas, the husband of Malta's whistleblower, Maria Efimova, was postponed by the Greek court until February 2022. You may recall that INTERPOL has still not determined whether the arrest warrant was issued for purely political, and not legal, purposes. 

Therefore, none of the EGRANT material was introduced at today's hearing, according to reliable sources. The proof that Michelle Muscat was the Beneficial Owner of that offshore company, which was used for the corrupt and illegal purposes of her husband, then Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, was not entered into evidence; The mystery continues.

Will Malta's next prime minister have the intestinal fortitude to grant Ms. Efimova whistleblower status, so that the documents will finally see the light of day ? Only time will tell, but we will be watching.


What me Worry ?  by COSIMO

Maria Efimova, who we call the Conscience of Malta, intends to introduce the Egrant documents into evidence today, in a Greek Courtroom, where her husband, Pantelis Barnabas, is fighting extradition to Cyprus, based upon a bogus indictment intended to silence Ms. Efimova.

 Malta's Whistleblower has advised me that she has ordered her attorneys to submit the EGRANT files, in support of his request to pause all proceedings whilst INTERPOL makes a ruling upon whether Pantelis' indictment is purely political in nature, and without any factual or legal basis.

Given the nature of such a filing in open court, the documents should be immediately available to the press and public. They conclusively identify the beneficial owner of EGRANT, an offshore shell company that was the recipient of illegal bribe and kickback funds. This information, which is accompanied by a report, from an expert who examined the signatures, and verified them as genuine, will put to rest the mystery of who owns EGRANT.


Where's my bloody EGRANT file ?

We hope and trust that the Malta Police have Michelle and Joseph Muscat under constant surveillance, lest they seek to flee to an non-extraditable country, like Russia. Our readers will recall that the wife of the Colombian money launderer, Alex Nain Saab Moran, who will be imminently extradited to Miami from Cape Verde, has relocated to Moscow. Saab and his partner both used Maltese companies to move the Proceeds of Crime. 

Where is Michelle Muscat right now ? Is there someone on the ground at MLA  to foil her escape ?


Thursday, September 23, 2021


"Wait for it"  by COSIMO

                                                 THE DEVIL WENT DOWN TO MALTA     


The devil went down to Malta, he was looking for a Soul to steal,                                                             

He was in a bind, because he was way behind,

And he was willing to make a deal.

When he came upon his young man on a computer, collecting bribes, and playing it hot,   

The devil jumped up on a fireproof safe,

And said " boy, let me tell you what."     

"I guess you didn't know it, but I'm a laundry man too.  

And if you care to take a dare, I'll  make a bet with you.

Now you work a pretty good hustle boy,

but give the Devil his due.

I'll bet a safe of Euros against your Soul.

'Cause I think I'm better than you."

The boy said "My name's Joey, and it might be a sin,

But I'll take your bet, you're gonna regret,

Cause I'm the best l-man that's ever been."

"Joey, open up sour screen, and play your keyboard hard

'Cause Hell's broke loose in Malta, and the Devil deals the cards

And if you win, you get this shiny car bomb made of Gold

But if you lose, the Devil gets your Soul."

The devil opened up his laptop, and  he said " Ill start this show."

And fire flew from his fingertips as he moved a million or so

And he dropped bribe proceeds clear across the Pond,

And it landed with a hiss

Then a crew of  his disciples joined in

And cleaned billions without a miss.

When the Devil finished, Joey bowed his head,

"Cause he knew he'd been beat,

he threw off his list of shell companies,

He laid his tablet on the ground at the Devil's feet.

That's the last anyone ever saw of Joey,

For his disappeared that day,

But someone said Bobby came and opened that safe,

But Joey's red hand reached out and pulled him inside,

as it snapped shut forever, they say.

                                                               Satanic Display by COSIMO