Thursday, June 30, 2022


Ralph Sanders, Car Thief and Fraudster Extraordinaire

We have previously reported on the criminal activities of the thrice-convicted fraudster, and child molester, Ralph Innochina Sanders a/k/a Shawn Sanders, Raphael S., Sean Sanders, Sean Black, Ralph Overseas 6'6" Sanders, Jerry Cartwhite, and Jerry Cartright; his modus operandi is to defraud naive women out of their money, and destroy their good credit rating. Our goal is to alert the public, particularly naive women, explaining how this predator operates, and how to avoid becoming a victim. He has preyed upon customers at several automobile dealerships in Northern California as a salesperson. 

It appears Sanders’ most recent victim has turned up the heat on the dangerous criminal, con artist and fraudster who scammed her out of thousands of dollars, and duped her into co-signing for the Maserati depicted in the photo below. He fled to Southern California to hide the vehicle from repossess agents, while landing a used car salesperson job at Mcpeaks Jeep Dodge Chrysler in Anaheim CA, with intent to continue with his fraudulent actives on potential customers. 

Most of his female victims' complaints to law enforcement, of being defrauded, are similar. He projects an image of being wealthy, by showing off a rental property address in the affluent community of El Dorado Hills, which he and his Middle School teacher wife cannot really afford. From there, the victim is either scammed to cosign a loan for a luxury vehicle, or to use her credit card for a cash withdrawal; sometimes, they are duped into investing their money into shady deals, which Sanders has no intention of ever paying back.

Although current California Law prohibits him from holding the required California occupational license,  Stewart Benjamin of McPeaks Jeep Dodge Chrysler in Anaheim CA and his management team have placed profits over their customers' safety. They have completely ignored the criminal history of dangerous Career Criminal Ralph Sanders, a person who is a registered child molester known to steal customers personal information to defraud them. Could Steward Benjamin himself be a victim of Ralph Sanders deception, or is he a willing participant covering up for this dangerous criminal? Ralph Sanders has been twice previously denied a Vehicle Sales License, pursuant to California Vehicle Code §11806, due to his extensive criminal history. He is a three-time convicted felon and scam artist,


Pursuant to California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Vehicle Code Section 11800-11824, the Occupational Licensing Division requires that all vehicle salespersons must be employed by a dealer, as defined in Section 285, and anyone who, under any form of contract, agreement, or arrangement with a dealer, for commission, money, profit or other thing of value, sells, exchanges, buys, or offers for sale, negotiates, or attempts to negotiate, a sale or exchange of an interest in a vehicle, is required to be registered under this code. See

It shall be unlawful for any person to act as a vehicle salesperson without having first procured a license or temporary permit, issued by the Department. When that license or temporary permit issued by the Department has been cancelled, suspended, or invalidated, or has expired, the State of California, via the Occupational Licensing Division, also requires a live scan fingerprint, which is then fed into the California Department of Justice (DOJ) criminal database, and the FBI NCIC database. The State of California's Occupational Licensing Division has strict laws prohibiting the hiring of convicted felons, particularly individuals like Sanders, who has been convicted three times of theft, forgery, and other financial crimes, as they cannot be allowed access to potential customers' personal and financial information.

Security experts and financial crime professionals are questioning whether McPeeks Jeep Dodge Chrysler management was reckless in hiring an individual with convictions for major financial crimes as a salesperson, without subjecting his application to a due diligence investigation. The lack of a complete in-depth background investigation on Sanders may have negligently compromised the personal and financial information of many customers.

A number of Sander’s victims have reported to California DMV Investigations, that Sanders, or persons at McPeeks Jeep Dodge of Anaheim, are utilizing the dealership’s subscription to gain access to his present and potential victims Drivers Licenses or Identification cards. He then copied the photo on the victims' identification information to make false documents, or post their actual photos on websites to harass intimidate and defame them. 

Additionally, Federal and State Information Security and Data Breach Notification laws require mandatory reporting of information. McPeeks Jeep Dodge Chrysler has a legal obligation to notify former, potential, and existing clients of the possibility that their personal and financial information may have been compromised. 

Any damages sustained by the victims, as the direct and proximate result of this failure to notify them of Sanders' potential data breach would be the responsibility of the dealership. Such gross negligence might also give rise to an award of punitive damages to the victims, in addition to actions by state regulatory agencies against the dealership.

Ralph Sanders continues to carry out his campaign of deception, fraud, forgery, burglary, extortion, intimidation, and threat of bodily harm, to his victims in the State of California. When will California law enforcement and the FBI close down his criminal career?

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We have been unable to reach Malta's Whistleblower, Maria Efimova, since the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. It appears that she is no longer receiving messages sent to her on email. Our inquiries in Malta has resulted in an unconfirmed report that, due to the invasion of the Ukraine, she was told to leave Greece, and to go into hiding into a Russian-friendly state.

Would that be Serbia ?  We are continuing to seek answers to her whereabouts, given that she possesses the expert report on the beneficial ownership of EGRANT, and has repeatedly stated that it is MICHELLE MUSCAT, the wife of disgraced, fallen former Prime Minister JOSEPH MUSCAT. Stay tuned. 

If any of our readers have any intelligence on her location and status, kindly revert to us at  . Your information will be held in the strictest confidence. 


No democracy here.

If you were wondering, as I did, why there are no Opposition members in the Parliament of Barbados, and why all thirty seats belong to the party in power, I believe I can tell you why. There is an organized campaign of intimidation against anyone bold enough to stand for election, who is part of any Opposition party. My sources tell me that Opposition politicians are often brought up on purely bogus criminal charges, in order to discredit them, and to deter them from running for Parliament. Factor in several other voting irregularities and illegal acts, and you get a dictatorial system masquerading as a functional democracy. 

One politician, from a relatively new Opposition party, was warned that, should she stand for election, the criminal case pending against her would proceed, but if she withdrew, the case would go away. The net result is that Barbados is a one-party, authoritarian state, which is definitely not a democracy, as the term contemplates at least a working two-party system.Even a new, reform oriented party has not been successful , due to threats and intimidation of its members since its formation. 

Given that the police and prosecutors are known to be totally corrupt, and an arm of the political elite that rule Barbados with an organ hand, the filing of criminal charges that have no basis in fact, and are therefore illegal, is a regular occurrence in Barbados, which has acquired the reputation of being the most corrupt country amongst the East Caribbean states, many of which also routinely feature the widespread buying of votes at election, time the awarding of jobs to influence votes, and the importation of expats, at the expense of the party in power, to stuff the ballot box with favorable votes. 


Jan 25 2022Application (21A373) to extend the time to file a petition for a writ of certiorari from March 15, 2022 to May 13, 2022, submitted to Justice Sotomayor.
Main DocumentLower Court Orders/OpinionsProof of Service
Jan 31 2022Application (21A373) granted by Justice Sotomayor extending the time to file until May 13, 2022.
May 13 2022Petition for a writ of certiorari filed. (Response due June 16, 2022)
PetitionAppendixCertificate of Word CountProof of Service
Jun 07 2022Motion to extend the time to file a response from June 16, 2022 to July 18, 2022, submitted to The Clerk.
Main Document
Jun 09 2022Motion to extend the time to file a response is granted and the time is extended to and including July 18, 2022.
Jun 16 2022Brief amici curiae of Republic of Azerbaijan and Islamic Republic of Pakistan filed.
Main DocumentProof of ServiceCertificate of Word Count

Attorneys for the Republic of Azerbaijan and Pakistan have filed a "Friend of the Court" brief in the United States Supreme Court, in support of Turkish government-owned Halkbank, which is seeking dismissal of the criminal charges filed against it in SDNY in the Reza Zarrab "Oil for Gold" Iran sanctions evasion case. The brief support's Halkbank's position that it is protected by the Doctrine of Sovereign Immunity, which bars suit against foreign governments, but is generally not applied when the entity has sufficient contacts within the United States, which the District Court held, and the Court of Appeals affirmed. Halkbank then filed a Petition for a Writ of Certiorari at SCOTUS.

The US has not yet filed it brief.


Wednesday, June 29, 2022


                                                             Premier;" Don't watch the video, people."

The Premier of the British Virgin Islands publicly panned the release of the documentary Police in Paradise,  which showed that drug smuggling and violent homicides are now everyday events in the BVI, due to the use of the islands by narcotics smugglers, transiting the area, en route to the United States. The situation was spotlighted recently in the drug and money laundering arrests of then-Premier Andrew Fahie, and two other BVI citizens. The case have given the BVI a black eye abroad. Will it scare people off ?

The Premier was not wrong, when he remarked that both tourism, and the islands' sacred cow, BVI companies, both are affected by any negative news that comes out of Tortola. We wish to share that documentary with our readers; we caution you that it features violent gunfights amongst alleged narcotics traffickers, as well as maritime smuggling interdictions.

Tuesday, June 28, 2022


"He pointed out it is “highly likely” that a decision by Malta to reject what is known as a Status of Forces agreement (SOFA) with the United States was secured because of Russian and Chinese pressure for Malta to maintain its neutrality." (former UK Advisor Shanker Singham)

If this statement didn't send a chill down your spine, you're not paying attention to the potential impact, upon Western Europe, of the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. If it is true that Russian influence in domestic Maltese politics, driven solely by the cash flow generated by the IIM ( Citizenship by Investment) programme, then Malta could become an unofficial satellite of Moscow.

(1) We know that the head of Malta's IIM programme spent more time inside the Russian Embassy in Malta than he did his own office. 

(2) We also know that Malta first requested that the United States send its Secretary of Defence to meet with its PM, Robert Abela, to set up a Status of Forces agreement, only to get badly burned at the face-to-face meeting, which was such a reversal that the Sec Def directed a profane response to his face.

(3) We know that there appears to be a major campaign supporting Malta's continued neutral stance; just look at the Pl trolls commenting at the end of the TOM and MT articles, pushing neutrality as some sort of divine mission espoused by their autocratic and pro-Russia leader, Saint Dom Mintoff, the PL Prime Minister during a violent period that made Maltese emigrate in record numbers.

(4) We know that there has been absolutely no action, on behalf of Malta's principal banks,  or its regulators, to detect and interdict cash suspected of being Russian funds evading EU and US sanctions.  

Perhaps Messrs. Abela and Muscat are already brushing up on their Russian; Do you really think the European Union, already feeling the heat from Putin's threats, are going to allow Malta to be an enclave of Russia ? And knowing how the United States regards threats from an expanding Russia into Europe, you know this is not going to end well for either of those two clowns.    

Monday, June 27, 2022


In the aftermath of the Circuit Court of Appeals decision, remanding ALEX SAAB MORAN's case back down to the District Court (SDFL) on the issue of whether he has diplomatic immunity from prosecution for money laundering, something interesting has occurred. Remember how we saw, immediately after that ruling, the entry a Temporary Appearance by new counsel, solely for the purpose of the immunity issue, and not a Permanent Appearance for trial.

Our review of the docket in the Saab case has revealed no less than five new eminently qualified and competent attorneys, all from Baker & Hostetler, also filing Temporary Appearances, obviously to act as a team on that very important issue. They are:

JONATHAN BARR, former AUSA and DOJ trial attorney.

ELIZABETH PRICE FOLEY, Professor at FIU School of Law, and B & H attorney.

JONATHAN NEW, former AUSA at SDNY, and DOJ trial attorney.

RICHARD RAIL, appellate specialist and lawyer for Virginia House of Delegates.


This is a star-studded assembly of lawyers, to deal with a sole issue that we assumed has been moot since Saab Moran cut his reported deal with the DOJ. It is possible that Saab is trying for one last time to evade accountability for his money laundering, for no matter how good his agreement may be, he will still have to be adjudicated and do at least some time in Federal Prison.

We shall see if these new attorneys can extract their client from the jaws of the Department of Justice. 


Muscat having his pockets stuffed, whilst holding those he bribed under his control 

You've gotta hand it to Joseph Muscat; he is in control of everything that happens, or doesn't happen, in the Malta Mafia Republic. When his kissing cousin Yorgen Fenech's attorneys were caught red-handed, attempting to bribe a journalist with €500 notes (the favorite denomination of European money launderers, by the way), Malta's Attorney General, VICTORIA BUTTIGIEG, intentionally indicated the incorrect provision on the law, in her referral.

 No way that is negligence; any first-year law student knows to double-check citations, when conducting research. This caused the case to be dismissed. Obviously, JM ordered the AG to kill the case. I would love to see the faces on the lawyers at the European Commission, when they read this story. 


Sunday, June 26, 2022



What, me Worry ?  by COSIMO

Conservative estimates set the amount of bribes and kickbacks allegedly received by Malta's Labour Party at slightly over €200,000m, with the lion's share allegedly going into the pockets of  defrocked former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat. What do corrupt politicians do with all that illicit wealth ? Do they bank it, and risk total loss if a subsequent criminal investigation freezes balances, or do they wisely invest it ? Those kind of bank balances have a habit of drawing attention from staff, even inside an institution  that considers itself engaged in private banking. 

Remember that secret Malta Mafia meeting, held covertly in a Chinese restaurant in Gozo last year? We had an inside source in the restaurant who reported that Joseph Muscat, together with a number of his PL crew, met with a corrupt, dodgy businessman about illicit matters the two of them were brewing up.Controversial Dwejra Coast Development discussed at Muscat's Private Gozo Gangland Party .

We will now identify the businessman, with close ties to JM as Gozo resident JOSEPH PORTELLI. This is relevant, due to the news this week that Portelli has purchased, for a reputed €100m,  a private island in Montenegro. Known as St. Mark's Island, or Sveti Marko, the property is located in the Bay of Tivat, and comprises 540,000 square metres. 

The seller is listed as a Russian company named METROPOL; J. Portelli Projects, the listed purchaser, will not confirm either the sale, or whether it is acting as a frontman for Muscat. The island is undeveloped. which raises the issue: is it to be a tourist destination, or a fortified headquarters to protect Muscat after he leaves Malta permanently ? Remember, Montenegro, not an EU member, is where the wind project began.

Sr. Portelli, what's the story ? Do you want to spend 20 years in prison, or can you tell us the truth?



Malta's Institutions at Work  by COSIMO

This week's predictable news, that Malta's sports power structure would brook no competition for a CEO role in the local football world that it had decided was to go to former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, supposedly irretrievably fallen from grace when linked to the assassination of crusading journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, has not gone unnoticed abroad. Reportedly, compliance officers at a number of leading international banks have filed to reduce Malta's high-risk status, notwithstanding its discharge from the FATF Greylist.

Everytime compliance officers see Muscat's name pop up, they are reminded of his close ties to the now-unlicenced and shittered money laundering Pilatus Bank, and they judge prospective new clients, holding Maltese IIM (Citizenship by Investment) passports accordingly. There is even talk of considering any Maltese clients, even those that are native-born, as unacceptable risks.

It is important to remember that the United Kingdom still designates Malta as high-risk, and that Swiss NGO, the Basel Institute on Governance, concurs. The right assessment is to disregard the FATF decision, especially since not one of Malta's major money laundering players looks like they are going to face justice anytime soon, so long as the corrupt Labour Party remains in control. EU gatekeepers are correct to by suspicious regarding any large transaction into, or out of, Malta's banks, and to keep a sharp eye peeled for possible laundering of the proceeds of corruption. 

Saturday, June 25, 2022


Cocaine madness in the Republic of Malta persists; law enforcement, tracking a cocaine transaction, seized two kilograms from a Maltese man this week, which is definitely not a quantity for personal use. it is for trafficking, readers. That much weight, which will be cut (diluted) cut by retail sellers, has an impact. The maddening thing about the story is that the magistrate actually allowed the defendant to bond out, over the objections of prosecutors. The court's reasoning: he has ties to Malta.

Geography places Malta as the first stop, in the transatlantic shipping lanes, from South America. This means that carload of coke, en route to European organised crime importers, hits Maltese ports first. If local Customs officials are bribed, it then loves on to its final destination. If someone fails to bribe the right pockets, large shipments are seized, giving the Maltese a rough idea of the volume of cocaine traffic flowing through their country.

When such large shipments pass through any nation, some of it often is diverted locally ( known as "Falling off the Truck") and ends up being vended, and consumed inside Malta, whose residents are increasingly using the narcotic. After all, the short-lived euphoria it brings, is often used to take the edge off boring lives and unhappy souls. It is addictive; ask that affluent individual facing charges in the Daphne assassination why he is still a daily user. Ask Chris C how it has affected his life.

If you saw the article this week, regarding the prison warden terminated due to his failure of a drug test, and who strangely had received his job, notwithstanding a prior termination at the Armed Forces of malta for cocaine use, you know that Malta has a cocaine problem. One commentator who should know recently estimated that one-third of Malta's civil servants and government officials would fail a drug test for cocaine, if it was given today.

Then, of course there is the story about the discovery of a large amount of cocaine inside the clubhouse of Malta's labour Party, which scandal was quickly covered up by PL leaders. The conduct and public actions of a number of senior Maltese leaders, including Joseph Muscat himself at times, betrays cocaine cocaine use. I know this because, when Miami went through its "Miami Vice" period in the 1980s, I, like many professionals, was a daily user of that dangerous substance, and I can see the telltale signs today in Maltese politics. Cocaine abuse negatively affects decision-making.

Clenching his teeth, perhaps ?

Whether the European Union, INTERPOL, EUROPOL, or some other law enforcement agency in Europe eventually reigns in Malta's love affair with cocaine, we cannot say. Maritime interdiction, enforcement in Hurd's Bank, Italian intervention, especially in Sicily, which is closely linked to Malta in Mafia organisations, all of which could tamp down the Maltese mania for coke. Let's hope the Maltese lose their affection for cocaine, before we start to see more overdose deaths, covered up by the medical profession.

Cocaine is not the solution to what ails you, my Maltese readers, it is a road going nowhere fast. 

Thursday, June 23, 2022


il Duce ?

The news that former Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, forced from office by the scandal surrounding the involvement of his close associates in the political assassination of crusading journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, is being considered for the leadership of a sports organisation, is astounding and disgusting at the same time. This evil man is responsible for rampant corruption in Malta, controls the Maltese Mafia, which is stealing the country blind, and presides over a racketeering enterprise masquerading as a national government. His unstable personality, a combination of Donald Trump and Boy George, should be shunned from any type of office, public or private, for the rest of his natural life.

When the disgraced former American President, Richard Nixon, started making political comeback overtures, his party bluntly told him to forget any thoughts of returning to power, in any form. Someone needs to advise Muscat that he cannot resurface, in any capacity, and if Malta allows it, what's left of its tattered national reputation in the EU will be lost.

Forget it, Muscat; what you have done is unforgivable. There's no coming back from your sins. Daphne was right.


Donville Inniss, convicted.

We are hearing from our sources about suspicious links between money launderers and financial criminals in Barbados and the Republic of Malta, two countries with dark reputations for corruption and for the facilitation of narcotics trafficking. Whilst we investigate these illicit connections, let's look at one individual whom we know to be involved: convicted money launderer, Bajan native DONVILLE INNISS, now serving a 24-month sentence in Federal Prison, due to his involvement in a bribery and kickback scheme.

Inniss shows up in Maltese corporate records in these three companies:




Why, you ask does a West Indian look across the Pond to a European offshore financial centre to acquire shell companies, when you have suitable jurisdictions, with total secrecy as to beneficial ownership, in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and the Republic of Panama ? We do not know the specifics of those companies, but given Inniss' criminal conviction in the United States, the matter deserves further inquiry. Inniss, a former Barbados government official, is not known to be engaged in the rendering of corporate services to the public. What's wrong with this picture ?

Register Number: 70853-018
Age: 56
Race: Black
Sex: Male
Located at: Milan FCI
Release Date: 02/09/2023

Perhaps Mr. Inniss can take a few moments from his busy schedule to let us know what he waa doing in Malta. His Bureau of Prisons location appears above. Can someone ask him, please ?




Bogus criminal charges.

A favourite tactic of the corrupt power structure in Barbados is to file criminal cases, with no legal merit whatsoever, against the country's most vocal victims of land fraud. The cases are filed with the intent to either silence the victims, through fines or imprisonment, or to cause them to lose all credibility in the eyes of the public, due to criminal convictions on their record. We call this dirty procedure Shoot the Messenger, and it often works to silence Bajan voices crying out against corruption, money laundering, and fraud.

One such individual who will not be silent is the real estate agent and property manager, John Wayne Scantlebury. John was charged last year in a completely bogus and politically-motivated case, filed in connection with a landlord-tenant matter, where the tenants defaulted, and Mr. Scantlebury was charged with enforcing the rental agreement. He was, and is, totally innocent, as we have reviewed the evidence and court filings.

The usual dilatory tactics have been employed:

(1) Multiple delays in the case, all caused by the sitting judge. The case has been pending for fifteen months.

(2) Witnesses or "victims", meaning complainants, repeatedly not appearing in court when they are supposed to be there.

(3) Publicity about the case, making Mr. Scantlebury appear guilty in local media.

All these cute tricks, which are the way whistleblowers and vocal victims are treated in Barbados, all target individuals that the government, and the predatory, corrupt, thieving lawyers who make their living through crime, in coordination with government officials, instill fear into the hearts of honest people in Barbados, who are victims of a corrupt system, rigged against them. Something needs to be done, either domestically, or externally, or Bajans will never receive justice. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2022



We are attaching these documents due to reader requests responding to our recent article read Ralph Sanders Explain his long Criminal History while trying to have his Sexual offender Designation Removed. Mr. Sanders, we are sure, does not want his future victims to see this evidence, signed by Sanders himself, for it may deter them from being drawn into his web of deception and fraud.  Why his many victims dud not first check the Internet, to look for red flags, before diving into financial ruin with him, we do not know, but perhaps the next one may escape his grasp after seeing these documents.


THIS IS AN EMAIL THE CAREER CRIMINAL (3 convictions) RALPH SANDERS wrote to a lawyer, seeking to have his SEXUAL OFFENDER designation removed.  We have the right to disclose it, because it is not protected by the attorney-client privilege. He also sent this and other letters to some of his victims, who forwarded it to law enforcement, which made it available to us. NOTE: there are a lot of lies in this document. He did commit a sexual offense with a minor. He is a registered Sexual Offender in the State of California. The next time he goes to prison it will be for LIFE in California. He is a Clear and Present Danger to the public.

--- Forwarded Message -----

From: "Ralph Sanders" <>

Good morning, 

 I thought it was a bill governor Jerry brown passed years ago stating the facts on 290 offenders that meet the criteria of the New Bill will be kicked  out of the Database with out a court hearing ? I did alot of reading as in researching this matter.

I remember years ago incarcerated at Folsom state prison in classification they put this " R " suffix on my jacket!

It was strange because when I pleaded to the lesser charge after a court pelemannary hearing with the mother and 14 year old girl .....the Judge  dropped the charges admirably in my favor. 

Yes I kissed a 14 year old girl on the forhead and her mother got pissed off and later after 3 hours of the issue she called the cops.

I was living in Greenheaven a area In Sacramento on the lake. 

I was 24 years old and out on parole a full year. I was doing very well and married to a Stanford Graduate name Betsy Sanders. 

When the cops later knocked on the door asking to speak with me; there was any issue until 30 minutes later they found out I was on parole. 

My wife was white and they started treating me like a fugitive. 

I'm not saying the reason was because of her color or my parole.

It just makes you wonder at times because I never fumbled or touched a 14 year old girl ANYPLACE sexually or said anything in that nature. That's why the judge dropped the bogus police report the officers fabricated 

I was on parole for Burglary charges/ Forgery as well. I had committed those charges on the campus of Stanford University in 1989 '1990 

Got 5 years as a deal with a public Defender who was taking classes at Stanford while fighting my case. 

I also did a research on my Judge once I finally got my life together. He was a Stanford Graduate!

Life can be so deciving and at times we get caught up in the system and messed around with.

I paroled to Sacramento out of SQ in 1994 and come to think of it; my college sweetheart Betsy married me in prison the first 9 months doing time. I was lowe custody and did the whole time at  a SQ Ranch outside of the walls of the prison. I NEVER had any disaplinary writeups or fights at all. 

That arrest in 1994 through me way off to a terrible road of suffering and pain. 

Susan -  after getting out of the Sacramento County jail 57 days and let out on ' informal " probation and to attend a couple of classes i have completed.  Later on 7 months later I went through divorce and after that it was no reason to stay in Northern California. So I asked my parole officer that was a very nice black man name James Washington.

He always admired my style and talents and wanted the best for me. 

He never violated my parole because of the 647.6 in 1994.

I decided to ask him to transfer my parole to LA ....

I am from LA and have plenty of family  there. I did well on parole there and never had to Register at all after being out as well.

I know you said the laws changed  while I was In prison, but it does not make sense because its insane to make someone Register after the minute order from the  1994 case stated  ( This is not. Register case)

Its almost like saying: well I had a DUI and later I have to be placed on a list to be punished over right?

For eveyone to know im a drunk after 15 years of committed the crime.

Anyway, after being in LA for a year or so, I started passing bad checks and I did it 7 times and for 200 bucks each .....I even passed couple of them in Nevada city California....

After getting cought in LA and I was fighting 25 years to life stuck in the LA county jail fighting charges on Forgery. 

The 3 strikes law was in affect and I was placed in a tank with inmates who are fighting 25 years to life because of the 3 strikes  law ! 

I had taken a deal for 15 years so I would not get life in prison Susan.

It was so sad that when I think about it, it gives me tears. 

I did my time and it was 11 years 2 months and paroled to placer County.

Why placer ? 

Well.....LA Railroaded me with to many  charges rushing me through the system  off to prison. After a good year in prison I still had one more check Forgery charge that LA had not charged me with necaue it came up later.

Nevada city California picked  me up to answer  for the charge and treated me with respect and became the ( controlling case of LA County case.

The (Abstract of judgment) was no longer LA County. It became Nevada County. They removed 3 years from my sentence and fixed the mistakes LA had made. Crazy huh? 

So after my 11 years I completed on good behavior and no writeups or fights at all. I came out a normal person because I love God and walked with him Susan.

Placer was a very very hateful place for parole. They put a Ankle bracelet on me and I had it on for 2 years. I never understood why or got true answers from parole. They had some very way out conditions on me and I was on Megan's law at that time. 

Devastating for sure. Later on 3 years after getting some help from. A friend who helped me file a form to the DOJ they had taken me off the Megan's law list thank God! 

Later on parole taken me off the Ankle monitor as well. Bit I was ordered to register still the day I got out.

Do you think this has something to do with the 288 placed on my jacket from. Classification from folsom state prison that day? Heartburn! 

My story.

Mr. Sanders 


If you have taken the time to follow the current news from Malta , you know that both BRIAN TONNA and IOSIF GALEA are allegedly implicated in a massive money laundering scheme using Malta's gaming industry.

 Tonna, whose intimate relationship with the Godfather, Joseph Muscat,  guarantees that he may never go to trial, due to Malta's judicial corruption, but his guilt becomes apparent when we take a close look. Iosif Galea was the Managing Director of BET90 SPORTS LIMITED, and Tonna was the designated Auditor.

Iosif, a former MGA official,  is wanted in Germany for tax evasion on bets, because the tax authorities there require offshore gaming entities to pay their share of German taxes if their services are used by German citizens. He is also wanted for the more serious crimes of money laundering and Conspiracy to Defraud via binary trades he allegedly ran the Malta operation for, on behalf of Uwe Lenhoff. 

Tonna ran the accounts of all entities involved in the fraudulent scheme. He reportedly managed the payment processor, PAYIFIC LIMITED. Payific was the financial vehicle Uwe Lenhoff used to layer what he stole. He died in prison under suspicious circumstances.


At this stage, we do not know whether Brian Gonna is a co-conspirator in tier German scheme, and if Germany has issued an arrest warrant against him or not, but we are  continuing to investigate. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 21, 2022


We note that there has been no meaningful action from the Barbados Bar Association in response to our articles directing the BBA to clients' allegation of systemic corruption, including but not limited to, land fraud on a massive scale. Media reports in Barbados report that the BBA admitted that Bajan law does not require disbarment for felony convictions, but that the organisation would support passage of such a law. There was absolutely no statement regarding the widespread victim allegations, and what the BBA intended to do in response.

Therefore, we believe that it is high time for Bajan victims to take action to enforce their rights, and the law. They would be well advised to bring civil suits against the specific lawyers who stole their family properties, not just for their crimes, but for utterly failing in their professional duties towards their clients.

Second, those attorneys are guilty of Dereliction of Duty, as they failed to discharge their sworn responsibilities to their clients; they were required to properly, and even zealously, represent their clients in the matters entrusted to them. They not only failed, they literally stole the properties that their clients were counting upon them to deliver.

Again, since the lawyers cheated the very clients they were duty bound to serve, and instead served their own greed, as well as those of their allies in the Power Elite, the criminal conspiracy that runs Barbados with an iron hand.  Given that the BBA is refusing to act, and in truth and in fact has a long and dark history of covering up the crimes of its members, the victims must now assert their right in a court of competent jurisdiction, and elsewhere, if and as necessary.

Wake up, Barbados. Call your predatory attorneys to account for their sins. Sue the B**tards.

Monday, June 20, 2022


All this public support for arrested and now former Premier Andrew Fahie demonstrates the sad truth about the current political situation in the British Virgin Islands. Where is the expected reform movement  that arrest of two senior government officials should have spawned ? Why hasn't the government official Fahie stated, in a recorded admission, who would assist him in facilitating drug smuggling safely through BVI water named and fired ? What is going on the The British Virgin Islands ?

The BVI, already under the global compliance microscope, due to the fact that its lucrative corporation service industry is the mask of choice for the world's money launderers, tax evaders, white collar criminals, and Russian Oligarchs, is in danger of having the financial world designate BVI companies as high-risk criminal entities to be avoided by all risk-based programmes deemed effective by regulators.

Haven't the world's law enforcement agencies had enough of their unsuccessful efforts to penetrate the Chinese wall that is BVI beneficial owner secrecy ?  Those nonsense negotiations over just who can access the database are an insult, hidden behind BS national sovereignty of a British Dependent Territory with no international rights as an independent jurisdiction.

Perhaps landing the Royal Marines in Roadtown, Tortola might be the appropriate next step, to enforce Direct Rule, and assist in the arrest of BVIs money laundering operators, for extradition and trial in the US, where the criminal laws have teeth. In any event, something drastic is called for. 



The firestorm of controversy that erupted in Malta recently, when a senior member of Nationalist Party leadership, who has been an attorney for the money laundering giant, Pilatus Bank, expressed doubt about the credibility of whistleblower Maria Efimova, which is the opposite of his party's platform, demonstrates one thing" in Malta, attorneys who represent clients simply cannot be in political life. The innate conflict on interest, between their clients and the public good, means that the people lose every time.

Look at the country's Prime Minister, ostensibly a "labor lawyer, " yet he is photographed with his real clients, members of the Malta's Mafia, and he takes his yacht to Sicily regularly, That is indicative of organised crime, which will explain why the biggest money launderers are never charged.

Malta must insist that its attorney-politicians either withdraw the practise of law, and their relationship with an operating law firm, if they want to be either in government, or as a part of a shadow cabinet. They must be financially secure to do that, but successful lawyers, like RA, seem to have an endless amount of assets. If Malta is serious about taking a bite out of crime and corruption, then first of all, let's get rid of all the lawyers in senior cabinet positions, unless they leave the practise of law entirely.   


Betrayer of the Public Trust

WTF, British Virgin Islands ? To even suggest that your disgraced, defrocked Premier, Andrew Fahie, could attend meeting of the HOA ( local version of Parliament) virtually, means that the circumstances of his arrest mean nothing to the former Speaker of the House of Assembly, or elected leaders in general in the BVI.

OK, I get it; you have excused it by stating that other HOA Members have been able to attend virtually, when illness or distance is the reason, but Fahie spat on the BVI, bigtime, when he openly bragged about his continued violation of its law as a long-time associate of narcotics traffickers.

DO NOT let this individual anywhere near the seat of government; his upcoming trial ands conviction will taint  BVI government for years. he deserves no favours from those whom he betrayed for lucre. Pray for his soul in church, but do not enable him by giving him a forum to claim his innocence, and possibly retain his influence, so that his associates, empowered by your dumb move, can continue to corruptly influence local government. Avoid him, please, for he will be convicted, one way or another, soon enough.