Friday, October 19, 2012


Colombian Government negotiators

The first session of the Colombian Peace Talks, between the Government and the FARC, being conducted outside of Oslo, Norway, did not go well, and it was not the fault of the Government of Colombia. The FARC speaker immediately moved off topic, the agreed-to Five Point Plan, and attacked the oil and mining industries for their alleged exploitation, and environmental damage, and demanded radical social change, redistribution of wealth.

FARC Negotiators

Given that two of the five Points include the FARC abandonment of the drugs trade, and compensation of war victims, my immediate thought is that the conference could fail utterly, at which point the FARC will return to hit-and-run raids of the oil industry, and the Colombian Army will again seek to wipe out the FARC on the field of battle. Without peace, Country Risk for Colombia will always remain elevated; Pray for peace.

Will FARC drug trafficking profits kill the chance for peace ?

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