Monday, October 8, 2012


Reliable sources have advised that the results of the Venezuelan Presidential Election were manipulated, by person or persons loyal to Chavez,  to give the incumbent a victory when, in truth and in fact, the Opposition Candidate, Capriles, received in excess of 50% of the vote. Reportedly, the results were reversed, showing the loser, Chavez, to have obtained the majority vote given by the voters to Capriles.

This reversal of election results has occurred before, during an election of members of the National Assembly, Venezuela's parliament. The votes cast for the true winners, members of the Opposition, in a recent election, were improperly assigned and attributed to the Chavistas, who were announced as the victors. Readers who do not understand how this was allowed to happen should know that in every election in Venezuela since Chavez came to power in 1999, the falsification or manipulation of results has occurred. Widespread election fraud is believed to be the principal reason why the Chavez regime has been able to hold onto power in Venezuela.

 In one election, the final results were available before the pools were even closed, prima facie evidence of fraud. Those statistics were overheard, on election day, totally by accident, when a senior member of the government disclosed them to an associate, not knowing that the conversation was being heard in the next room.

Should details of the fraudulent 2012 election results become widely known, street protests and violence, and the resultant disruption of the economy, could occur. Watch unfolding developments closely, and anticipate that the situation in the Capital, Caracas, could deteriorate without notice.

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