Monday, May 10, 2021


                                    The Devil pushes Malta off the High Wire by COSIMO

 Time after time, this blog has reported on specific corruption, money laundering and financial crimes being committed by Cabinet-level officials of the Government of Malta, before any other media, and our information has been met with either disbelief or derision. Whether it is Carmelo Abela, Chris Cardona, Joseph Muscat, Michelle Muscat, or any one of a dozen others, we have, exclusively, exposed their vile deeds and acts, long before you read it anywhere else.

We trust that you read our March 18 article, We warned our readers about the Key cards Weeks Ago .


Unfortunately, the criminal conduct has continued unabated and without any meaningful response. Just this morning, a reader wondered aloud why Joseph Muscat, disgraced and shamed, continues to have government-paid security, and why nobody in public office has raised this issue in Parliament. The people are paying for this criminal's security detail, so that he may escape accountability for his evil past.

                                                  The Face of the Enemy by COSIMO


Thomas Jefferson said "The people elect the government they deserve." When voters continue to reelect a thoroughly corrupt government, because they are sharing in the proceeds of the corruption, then they may not complain when it results in a failed state. Since the people will not clean up Malta, someone else must, regretfully, do so, but to do so there will be a lot of what we call unintended consequences. 

Will the last honest person leaving Malta remember to turn out the lights ? 

                                             Carmelo loses his footing  by COSIMO

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