Thursday, May 13, 2021



                                                             Q by COSIMO

Our Labour Party insiders advise that the relationship between former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and his estranged wife Michelle is tenuous at best. Here's what we know, after contacting both our best PL sources, as well as close friends of MM:

(1) JM is literally controlling his very unhappy wife, by threatening to withhold his fortune from her.

(2) She doesn't want to be anywhere near him.

(3) She fears she will be in the line of fire when assassins catch up to him.

(4) MM caught JM lying to her about several major issues, which we cannot disclose, lest our sources be unmasked.

(5) JM is afraid that their separation status will eventually cause him problems when criminal cases against him surface.

(6) You can see from the contrived social media postings that JM is playing the happy family, using pictures from last Summer, and posting them as if they are current. It's a obvious fiction.

The relationship, already damaged beyond repair, is about to implode.

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