Sunday, May 30, 2021


                                      Hillman & Schembri; partners in corruption

Now that it has former Times of Malta Managing Director Adrian Hillman in its jurisdiction, I do not want to see the typical Maltese court technique applied to obviously guilty parties aligned with the despicable Labour Party, meaning dragging out the case for years, until the public loses interest, and Hillman escapes justice through some technical flaw of the prosecutor or court. We have seen enough of these "Maltese Acquittals,"  as I like to call them, where Justice Delayed always amounts to Justice Denied. Your judiciary is a cruel joke played upon honest people.

The Times of Malta is a national treasure and trusted by the people of Malta. For Hillman to have prostituted himself, and allowed the devil incarnate, Keith Schembri, to dictate editorial policy, especially regarding Opinion pieces favouring Labour, is inexcusable. Hillman deserves a substantial sentence for his long-term corruption, for to give him any lesser punishment allows him to cheat Lady Justice.

 As for Keith Schembri, he richly deserves to spend the report of his short life in an isolation cell, protected from Labour Party assassins, to contemplate his sins. I cannot understand how a strict Roman Catholic country has spawned so many government officials who lack an ounce of integrity. How do they look at themselves in the mirror each morning ?  


                                      New Barbarians at the Gates of Malta by COSIMO

Finally, regarding the individual dubbed the Queen of Corruption, Joseph Muscat, for whom Hllman sold out his newspaper, and his Soul, and who is behind most of the evil that has existed, and still exists, in the Republic of Malta,  a Life Sentence in an American Federal Prison, where there is no possibility of Parole under our laws, might just bring closure to Malta's nightmare. Pray for it, Malta.

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