Friday, May 21, 2021



                                                Malta's Power Structure  by COSIMO

The question that is now being asked between close friends, discussing what has been described as a required secret component of all Presidential Pardons granted in the Republic of Malta by the Cabinet: a dirty little secret that the public, if it knew, might result in huge protests the likes of which have only appeared before for Daphne. The secret cannot be kept any longer.

If you want a Presidential Pardon in Malta, you must promise that your confession absolutely cannot implicate anyone on the upper levels of the sitting Labour Government, or any of their VIP supporters. You must omit any of those individuals from your debriefings by the police, or prosecutors, or regulatory agencies, with no exceptions. That is the cost of the local equivalent of Monopoly's " Get-out-of-Jail-free Card."

Should you fail to keep the names of the guilty PL officials out of your statements, your pardon will be revoked, and any benefits conferred upon you will be cancelled. Now we know why the Cabinet has been known to deny applicants the pardons they seek. It's not about law enforcement deciding that an applicant must be punished for his sins; it's about the Cabinet deciding that the applicant cannot be trusted to keep the Members' darkest secrets.

This is just one more example of how Malta's broken legal system functions. Its primary focus is to protect those in power, and the ends of justice come in a poor second to that primary directive. The guilty may cheat justice through a pardon, but only it is in the best interests of the power structure, to perpetuate its unfettered rule over Malta and all its residents. We hope that God protects the Maltese people, because its leaders certainly aren't doing so.

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