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                                                                    Peter John


 As our investigation proceeds, we are beginning to understand that while Peter Leroy John was altering St.  Lucia Land Registry maps, by erasing the names of rightful owners, and inserting his proxies' identities as true owners, John also developed a method to turn these bogus land deeds into liquid cash. His textbook fraudulent actions were not only perpetrated against the true land fraud owners/victims, but were also employing bogus deeds which targeted the larger banks and lending entities on St. Lucia, often filing duplicitous loan applications simultaneously.


                                                       Saint Lucia MP Guy Joseph

Since we published our first four articles exposing Peter Leroy John's land fraud scheme, swindling property from many St. Lucia landowners, we have noticed a document published in the St. Lucia Gazette on May 1, 2006, which warrants the government of Allen Chastanet's St. Lucia Police Force to answer certain very important questions. In that document, the First National Bank of St. Lucia,  Claim/Case No. SLUHVC/1998/00157, in which the bank repossessed stolen property from Peter Leroy John, subsequent to him defaulting upon a fraudulent loan, where he used an unlawfully obtained parcel as security. The property was later sold to another at a judicial sale.

                                                              Attorney Vern Gill


By all accounts of the Notice posted in the Gazette, as required by St. Lucia Law, Peter Leroy John and his corrupt St. Lucia lawyer were involved in a transaction by which the bank called in a note on the property which Mr. John claimed to have inherited by donation from his mother, Marie Reine John, on November 2, 1993. 

More importantly, that Deed of Donation was executed before a corrupt St. Lucia lawyer, as Notary  Royal, on October 11, 1994 and registered at St. Lucia Land Registry on November 24, 1994 as Instrument 4714/94. What is even more interesting, and missing from that document is the identity of previous owners of that parcel, measured as 0.09 Hectares, and from whom, and under what Conditions of Exchange did Mrs. Reine John legitimately obtain the land from ?

                                                                Allen Chastanet

It is quite clear that Peter Leroy John could not navigate such a complex financial scheme by himself, without an individual trained in the discipline of law, and knowledgeable regarding the institutionalized corruption embedded in the island's judicial system. We shall continue to report on this developing story, and expose all those involved in an ongoing criminal enterprise, even as the Government of St. Lucia continues to protect the fraudsters. 

                                    Unexplained wealth: Peter Leroy John's luxury home
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