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Thursday, March 11, 2021



                                      Something Wicked this way Comes  by COSIMO

It is the mission of this Blog to call out the deception and misrepresentations that are the hallmark of the Egrant scandal. As you know, we speak Truth to Power here, calling out lies where and when we see them.

Today's article in Malta Today, quoting extensively from the disgraced former Malta Independent  Editor and PM Media Chief Pierre Portelli, whose credibility took a huge hit when news broke that he had reportedly accepted payments from Yorgen Fenech under dubious circumstances, causing him to resign from the party, discussed the Egrant scandal.

Portelli's negative assessment of Malta's most prominent Egrant whistleblower, Maria Efimova, is not helped by the interviewer's obviously non-objective perspective, as he fails to state neither that the charges filed against Efimova have been vigorously disputed, nor that the Magisterial Inquiry, which ruled that Michele Muscat was not Egrant's owner, was not supported by findings of fact. Malta's mainstream media has long been accused of partisan journalism, favoring PL leaders and their supporters, lest they lose lucrative advertising revenues.

Maria Efimova has responded to our questions about Portelli's statements during his interview, and we detail them herewith with verbatim quotes, so that there is no question regarding her meaning:

1. " Portelli still avoids to say who gave him the "forged" documents which he then passed to the Magistrate. At least, this time he didn't say it was me." 

2."Is he saying that he knew the [Egrant] documents are "forged" at the time he gave them to the Court ?"

3. "I would like to say that I offered several times to testify in inquiry into Daphne's assassination via video-conference."

4. "I am still available if the Inquiry Board will deem my participation necessary."

Any intelligent person knows very well that if Maria Efimova appears in person in Malta, all sort of bogus, politically motivated criminal charges will magically surface, that she will be detained, denied access to an attorney, and possibly killed while in custody, lest she implicate Michele Muscat and her husband. 

She could also be asked to identify the powerful Maltese leaders involved in the money laundering that occurred at Pilatus Bank. Given that the Magistrate's Report on Pilatus allegedly named and shamed all the directors and senior officers of the bank, and she worked there, she could corroborate their guilt. That's one more reason why her health and safety are in danger in Malta.


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