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Saturday, March 13, 2021



                                          Police could find nothing ... by COSIMO

 As additional investigations into the Daphne Caruana Galizia assassination are undertaken by foreign law enforcement agencies, as they broaden the scope of their existing inquiries into financial crime, new information regarding the so-called Upholstery Shop Murders, thus far unsolved, has surfaced. You may find some of this new details disturbing, but the case serves as yet another example of how Malta has become, per capita, the crime capital of the European Union. No wonder its people emigrate.

(1) For those readers not familiar with the matter, in November 2017, an unknown assailant entered a garage owned by Raymond Grima known for its automotive upholstery repairs, and called Raymond Upholstery, and shot the owner, as well as customer Anglu Mangion, several times each.

(2) Mangion died at the scene, but Grima was hospitalized in critical condition. Then the spin doctors went to work.

(3) Thereafter, Maltese media, detailing the motive for the attack, spun a dark story about Mangion, asserting that he was deeply involved in narcotics, illegal betting, and contraband. His family robustly denied these allegations. 

(4) Maltese Police raided Mangion's residence and garage, but found no evidence of criminal activity. This was an intentional effort at disinformation, conduced by a corrupt law enforcement agency, to make the victim appear to be a career criminal, therefore explaining his murder as one criminal taking the life of another. Who was orchestrating this clever scheme ?

(5)  Grima was an integral part of the assassination, and had to be eliminated lest he name who hired him to repair the front seat in the practice car.  Mangion was simply an innocent customer of Grima, who had to be eliminated as a potential eyewitness.

                                    The Crime Scene, November 2017. 

(6) We now know that Yorgen Fenech was paying local media to spin all stories away from the real culprits. Pierre Portelli's sworn statement confirms this.

(7) In truth and in fact, Daphne's killers had borrowed a vehicle similar to Daphne's. for the purpose of practising how to quickly and correctly install the bomb, to achieve the designed outcome, to wit; a fatal explosion. Investigators believe that Grima was brought the old, original car seat from the practice vehicle, which was in poor condition, with springs and cushions damaged, to restore. He had no idea that he played a small part in Malta's most notorious crime.

(8) Raymond Grima's condition improved; he was no longer in critical condition, but still in the Intensive Care Unit, and there were all expectations that he would make a full recovery. Soon after, however, he passed away from was described as "complications." He was isolated, but the doctors who prescribed his medications had total access. Were his meds altered ? Did any of the attending physicians make any large purchases for Christmas 2017, or take any international vacations ? Who signed the Death Certificate attesting to Cause of Death ?

Malta's corrupt Police Department has never solved the murder nor arrested the shooter. Let us see if a fresh perspective will be successful, and if justice can be done, four years after.


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