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Friday, March 19, 2021


                                        Malta Security Services  by COSIMO

 The recent disclosure, made by a confessed co-conspirator in the Daphne assassination, that a former official in the government of Malta's disgraced ex-Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat, personally picked the agents at the Malta Security Services The MSS, which operates as Malta's secret police, often under the radar, acting as a criminal organization, for profit, and at the bidding of senior government leaders with a specific agenda: to maintain and consolidate their power. 

Some of the ongoing operations that the MSS is known to be presently engaged in:

(1) Framing local residents of criminal activity.

(2) Black operations.

(3) Smuggling of both legitimate goods and narcotics into Malta.

(4) Hacking into electronics inside residents' homes, and acquiring information for the purposes of blackmail.

(5) Prostitution.

(6) Hacking into WhatsApp and IPhone messages of residents.


The MSS has purchased sophisticated surveillance systems in the UK and Israel, and spies upon elected leaders, to have sufficient damaging evidence upon them for the purpose of controlling their votes in Parliament. One recent example: a Member of Parliament was reportedly filmed during an affair with Yorgen Fenech, by hidden cameras in his office and on his boat, installed by MSS. While she resigned as siting minister, pending an official investigation, she has retained her seat in Parliament. She is rumoured to have obeyed orders regarding actions she took in an official capacity, due to the alleged blackmail regarding illicit sex and alleged cocaine use.

Who orders the MSS on behalf of the former Prime Minister ?  We cannot say definitively, but anyone using common sense know that answer to that question. 


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