Monday, May 13, 2019


 Reports from British Columbia, where the fact that laundrymen opened corporations and LLCs with ease, now are even naming the front companies they employed to place and clean criminal proceeds. apparently, their attorneys facilitated their criminal acts by allowing their law offices to be used as the business address for the shell companies.

Here are two of the known money launderers, and their front companies, all formed in BC:

(1) Vincent Ramos, the convicted criminal whose company Phantom Secure, sold encrypted communications devices to criminal organizations, as well as servicing them, earned a reputed CAD$80m, which he laundered through ten shell companies, including:
   (A)  VMD Ventures, Ltd.
   (B)   1046597 BC Ltd.
   (C)    SLV Global
   (D)    1125580 BC Ltd.

(2) Convicted gang leader Clay Roueche, now serving time in a US prison, formed these companies:
       (A)  611659 BC Ltd.
       (B)  Unified Money Solutions
       (C)  711067 BC Ltd.

British Columbia desperately needs a statute requiring the identification of Beneficial Owners of a corporation. Until that can expect to see the rampant money laundering continue.

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