Saturday, May 18, 2019


We have noticed that there are a large number of articles on the Internet, some coming from websites located in the EU, that are critical of American actions against Iran. Whether it is the OFAC sanctions imposed upon the IRGC, the movement of a US carrier group to the Persian Gulf, or the sanctions against Iran's metals indistry, all the articles openly claim that Iran's "reformers" are now damaged in their efforts, and weakened, which is a bad thing, according to the authors. The arguments appear credible, but do not rely upon ANY source not known to you to be trustworthy. There's too much Internet garbage out there.

We have seen that this tactic, which is a clever technique employed by the authoritarian government, to enlist the support of other nations, against American efforts. As a compliance officer, you must now distrust any and all content regarding Iran, unless you personally know the source. Don't look for the truth in any unknown site giving you information about Iran, any of its companies, or individuals, for the purveyors of disinformation are polluting the Internet with bogus content about Iran. 

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