Friday, May 3, 2019


Hamas' methods of inserting funds into the West Bank (Judea & Samaria), to bankroll its terrorist operations were the subject recently of a public statement made by the Economic Warfare department of the Israel Defense Force Central Command. While a large portion of the funds reportedly went for support of local Hamas members, and the families of imprisoned or deceased members, much was used to fund active terrorist cells, and their operations.

To summarize the tradecraft:

(1) Gaza-grown vegetables and fish caught in the Med by commercial fisherman from Gaza are allowed to be sold in the West Bank for humanitarian reasons, as an exception to Israel's sanctions. What Hamas does is to purchase the vegetables & fish from those in Gaza who are selling it, and reselling it inside the West Bank, thereby creating funds inside that territory, which it can apply towards terrorists operations.

(2) Seriously ill Gaza residents who are allowed into Israel for medical and surgical purposes are forced to smuggle cash and other valuables, through their clothing, prescription boxes and inside the soles of their shoes. This cash is later picked up by West Bank-based Hamas operatives who have approved access to Israel.

(3) West Bank Palestinian businessmen who wanted to purchase goods abroad would pay local money changers, rather than foreign suppliers.; Hamas overseas would pay the sellers direct, Then, the money changer would remit the purchase money, less a commission, to Hamas inside the West Bank, to support its ongoing terrorist operations. The businessmen, for personal profit, opened their transactions to Hamas. 

A number of legitimate West Bank commercial businesses engaged in importing goods had arrangements that resulted in the diversion of a portion of the price they paid for goods to Hamas agents, though they still received funds that represented a profit. Several of these companies have been closed down by the IDF Economic Warfare Command, the Shin Bet, and the Border Police.

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