Monday, December 31, 2018


Attorney David Dorsett

David Dorsett, the attorney for the fugitive billionaire fraudster, Mehul Choksi, said to be India's most wanted criminal, continues to throw down bogus legal impediments to his client's extradition to India, where his flight to avoid prosecution, and eleventh-hour acquisition of an Antigua CBI passport, to avoid justice, have made his case front page in India for months.

Dorsett, who has close ties to several senior government figures in Antigua, actually challenged the validity of Antigua's Extradition Act of 1993. His efforts to introduce into evidence testimony of a purported expert in the Laws of India were denied by the High Court, and he has taken that ruling to the Court of Appeal. He has flatly stated that, if he receives an adverse ruling, he will then seek to petition the Privy Council, and he apparently has received assurances from the Attorney General and Foreign Minister that no action will be taken by Antigua to extradite Choksi until all "legal issues" have been resolved. This could mean an indefinite delay, especially if Dorsett files successive appeals or petitions, and refiles each time his motions are denied.
Mehul " Jabba the Hutt" Choksi
Observers of Antigua's courts have pointed out that Dorsett has long represented the fugitive former head of Antigua's financial services regulator, Leroy King, for whom he has secured a decade of delays on his extradition case, and his dilatory expertise will most likely present the United States from ever bringing King to justice, in the billion dollar Stanford International Bank Ponzi scheme, which has forever stained the reputation of Antigua in the eyes of American bankers.

the fugitive Leroy King
India is desperately seeking Choksi to be returned for trial, but it may be greatly disappointed when Antigua ignores the Rule of Law, one more time, and protects yet another wealthy white collar criminal with a CBI passport.

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