Saturday, December 15, 2018


$5m mansion of defendant that was raided by the FBI during the arrest
  Leonid Teyf, a Russian living in North Carolina since 2014, has been charged with multiple Federal criminal offenses, involving the laundering of kickbacks received from military contracts, and transfer of millions of dollars into the United States, through several offshore tax havens. the 36-count indictment includes a number of additional offenses that are not white collar crimes.

The defendant previously was the deputy director of a Russian company that had a major contract with the Russian Ministry of Defense. He received kickbacks from subcontractors who delivered goods and services pursuant to that contract, alleged to be approximately $150m. Thereafter, he transferred funds through Cyprus, BVI, Panama. Hong Kong and the Seychelles, into seventy US bank accounts, held in the names of shell companies formed by the defendant. Most of the funds went through Cyprus & Hong Kong. There are four other defendants listed.

In addition to two dozen money laundering counts, the defendant is charged with:
(1) Bribery of a Public official.
(2) Murder for hire.
(3) Possession of a firearm with an obliterated serial number.
(4) Visa fraud.
(5) conspiracy to harbor illegal aliens.

Apparently, Teyf sought to have a man who was having an afair with his wife murdered.


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