Monday, December 10, 2018


As the People's Republic of China continues to forcefully protest what they referred to as the unlawful detention of Huawei Technologies Ltd.'s CFO, Cathy Meng a/k/a Meng Wanzhou, more details have emerged regarding the efforts of the corporation to conceal its command and control over what was represented as Hong-Kong-based Skycom Telecommunications Ltd., but what was really a Tehran-based, Huawei-owned importer who sought prohibited US technology of HP, an American company. Conspiracy to commit bank fraud has been listed as the probable pending criminal charge, though the files will remain sealed until Meng is safely in the hands of American law enforcement, and has had a First Appearance before a US Magistrate Judge.

Allegedly, Meng stated to two UK banks, HSBC and Standard Chartered, that Huawei had divested itself of any ownership position of Skycom, when its still controlled the corporation. Meng's trip from Hong Kong to Mexico was made via Vancouver,  where she was detained at the request of the United States. A hearing on whether bond will be granted in the extradition case is reportedly scheduled for later today. Her attorneys have offered to have her wear a device on her person that tracks her every move, and alerts Canada should she venture away from a limited area. 

There are allegations that Huawei, while ostensibly a privately-owned corporation, is in truth and in fact a government-controlled entity, and that Meng, who is said to be an agent of Chinese intelligence, was acting upon the direct orders of the Chinese Government when she attempted to acquire, and ship, HP equipment to Iran, in violation of US sanctions. Chinese companies have long been engaged in industrial espionage, the theft of prohibited technology and research, and in the establishment of listening posts, within embassies located in the Caribbean, such as the one in Dominica, where electronic surveillance of North American military and government facilities is ongoing.    

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