Thursday, December 6, 2012


 Salmon P Chase; the USD$10,000 note
These are direct quotes from a website, reportedly operated by an American attorney from a Panama office, that offers the ultimate ATM card. You can't make this stuff up:

"... A $10,000 a day ATM cash withdrawal limit, every day $10,000 limit."

"These cards are issued directly to you from a billion dollar bank."

"These cards do not have your name on the card or in the magnetic strip. These cards only have the name of the anonymous bearer share corporation on the card and in the magnetic strip."

"The [Panamanian] Government does not know who owns the corporation."

"No one can look up the name of the owner of the corporation."

"The bank knows you own the corporation but that is covered by bank secrecy."

"The bank offers full online banking, including checking balance, history, and sending out international wires."

My Christmas wish: that Panama's eminently professional Attorney General figures out who I am referring to, arrests the lawyer, and prevails upon the Superintendent of Banking to cancel the bank's license.

(play money)

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