Saturday, December 29, 2012


Reports emanating from the Sudanese Opposition claim that the government has entered into a classified agreement with Iran, through which a naval facility is to be built on the Sudanese Red Sea coast, strictly for the use and benefit the the Iranian Navy. Iranian warships have been seen at Port Sudan for several months, but the information indicates that the base will be elsewhere.

Add this information to the large Iranian presence in Khartoum, and the existence of several Iranian-manned weapons manufacturing sites in the Sudan, and you have an increased risk that any financial commerce with, or deliveries to, Sudanese customers, or its government, may involve Iranian companies or entities sanctioned by OFAC, the EU, the UN, and Canada.

For that reason, should you have customers who are trading with Sudanese buyers, or have financial intercourse with Sudanese businesses or NBFIs, you may want to obtain written assurances that your clients' goods are not ending up in the hands of sanctioned Iranian entities. You may also wish to have your clients find a part with experience in the region, to verify this information. Otherwise, I recommend that you raise Country Risk for Sudan at this time.

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