Monday, December 17, 2012


Compliance officers at international banks, kindly note: Cyclone Evan, which hit the republic of the Fiji Islands with winds of 200 km/hr, causing widespread damage, may have an impact upon global money laundering patterns. At least part of Fiji, which remains a favoured offshore financial centres for "financial advisers" moving and cleaning illicit funds, appears to be offline, as power loss, flooding, bridge, road and building structural damage were reported. Money launderers, denied access to Fiji, will be forced to make alternative arrangements, and they may assume risks of discovery not ordinarily taken.

Watch for any of the following:

(1) Wire transfers, not previously seen, from Asian destinations.
(2) personal visits to the bank, from affluent individuals who are foreign nationals, seeking to open account relationships.
(3) ANY transactions involving trusts or corporations domiciled in, or incorporated in, Fiji.
(4) Charities, not known to you or your bank, who are urgently seeking to move funds to the region, purportedly to fund relief to cyclone victims.

There will be some money launderers who have an urgent need to move money that was intended for a pipeline that included Fiji; Do not unwittingly assist them.

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