Saturday, December 1, 2012


If you were looking for still another good reason to identify bank client who might be Ponzi schemers early on, this is a good one. Convicted Ponzi schemer Allen Stanford engaged one of America's most effective private investigative firms to dig up damaging or embarrassing information on the private lives of individuals that he believed were going to act as whistle blowers, and expose the massive frauds Stanford International Bank.

The object of his investigation, a former senior US Government officials, now in private practice.The target, the man's ex-wife's private life. There is apparently no limit to how far a desperate Ponzo schemer will go to protect his turf. Therefore, should you come across evidence of any possible Ponzi scheme activity at your bank, do NOT confront your client, lest you yourself become a target.  Turn it all over to outside counsel, and leave it in his or her capable hands; Watch yourself.

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