Saturday, August 12, 2017


The Spanish magistrate judge notorious for violating the human rights of the Kokorev family, whom he has ordered held, on a bogus material witness warrant for one month short of two years, escaped punishment, by his country's judicial supervision regulator, notwithstanding his recorded comments, who demonstrated his xenophobic, and definitely non-judicial, attitude toward all foreigners. No wonder Spanish judges know that they can violate the Rule of Law, with impunity.

The magistrate, Carlos Vielba, escaped discipline, from the Consejo del Poder Judicial, notwithstanding his recorded scathing comments, such as "all Russians are criminals, " and "all Romanian women are prostitutes." He has also been known to routinely label all Italians as Mafiosi. These recorded comments were met with outrage in Europe, when news of their existence was publicly disclosed. Vielba has never apologized for them, only suggested he was joking when he made them. That Spain accepted this transparent excuse speaks volumes about its endorsement of court actions that target innocent foreign nationals, bringing unsubstantiated criminal charges, for the sole purpose of taking their assets.

Several attorneys have complained to the European Union about the unlawful detention of Vladimir Kokorev, his wife and son, but Spanish authorities have consistently refused to release them, even though there has never been a criminal charge filed in the case, after an investigation of several years, for alleged money laundering events from fifteen years ago.

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