Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Federal Correctional Institution, Miami
  It is being widely reported in Panama that its fugitive ex-president Ricardo Martinelli, now in custody at Miami's downtown Federal Detention Center, will be transferred to FCI Miami, a low security suburban institution, located south of metropolitan Miami. The Magistrate Judge presiding over the pending extradition case, reportedly has ordered the Bureau of Prisons to move him as soon as possible.

 Why the change ? Martinelli, and his attorneys, must now prepare for his August 22 final hearing, and the attorney visiting conditions at the FCI are larger, and probably more conveniently located for counsel, who can visit, without rush hour concerns afterwards.

The Panamanian street still believes that Martinelli sought to be released on bond, so that he could engage in flight to avoid extradition, and evade justice. FCI Miami does also have a minimum security camp on site, but we trust that the former president, now facing a probable life sentence, if convicted in a Panamanian courtroom, will be closely guarded.

 His illegal electronic surveillance, of over one hundred prominent Panamanians, including in their private moments, which is the principal charge against him, in the extradition proceeding, has resulted in his being crucified in the Panamanian press. Should he end up facing Panamanian justice, it will get ugly before it is over.    

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