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Kenneth Rijock

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Gu Kailai a/k/a Horus Kai

The arrest, in Cambodia, of French architect Patrick Henri Devillers, on the orders of the Government of China, in the Bo Xilai scandal, reminds me that the money laundering activities of his attorney wife, Gu Kailai, in the United Kingdom, remain a mystery. Perhaps the role of Devillers, when he shared a residence with Ms. Gu in Bournemouth, which may now be exposed, may provide a clue.

The apartment in Bournemouth
 Gu has been reportedly charged in China with the murder of British businessman,  Neil Heywood, last year in Chongqing. Heywood is believed to have refused to her demand to move millions of dollars of dirty money out of China, and was thereafter poisoned on orders of GU.

Here's what we know:

 (1) Devillers and Gu, who was used the alias Horus Kai, probably to avoid being identified as a PEP, jointly formed a company in the UK known as Adad Ltd. What types of business was that company engaged in ? Did Devillers assist Ms. Gu in purchasing European real estate ?

(2) Gu asked a British balloon supplier to tack on additional fees to an invoice he was to present to
 a governmental  entity in China, reportedly where her husband, Bo Xilai, was a senior Communist Party chief. The supplier stated that he refused to agree to that act. What other attempts to move this type of "supplementary" funds out of China were not reported, and actually occurred ?

(3) Ms. Gu's son, Bo Guagua, attended a private boarding school in the UK. How did she pay for that ? There are rumours that Bo Xilai acquired substantial illicit wealth whilst he served as mayor in Dalian. Was Gu laundering and moving bribes and kickbacks obtained by her husband into the UK to invest ? What was she doing in the UK ?

Bo Xilai

I think an investigation, into whether her activities in Britain included the investment or placement of funds, might answer some of these questions. Who will make enquires ?

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