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David Eduardo Helmut Murcia Guzmán, the twice-convicted Ponzi schemer and money launderer, will reportedly be granted a reduction of his current term of incarceration in an American prison, to only six years. He has allegedly rendered Substantial Assistance to US law enforcement agencies, to qualify for a sentence reduction.  What's wrong with this picture ?

Murcia, it is estimated, moved over $200m in cash, Ponzi scheme proceeds as well as narcoprofits of organised crime, in accounts in the Republic of Panama. Most of this illicit wealth was never recovered, and many Colombians lost their life savings to the prepaid debit card scam. Since it is doubtful that the investors will ever recover their money, why will Murcia get a break in his sentence ? Read on.

New information indicates that Murcia has implicated others in his Panamanian money laundering scheme, which reached into the United States, and indictments of prominent Panamanian residents, as well as senior government figures, are expected. These individuals assisted in the bulk cash smuggling of the proceeds of crime, the subsequent placement of dirty cash into the Panamanian banking system, and the ultimate investment of some of the funds into real estate, aircraft, luxury automobiles and yachts.

The upcoming indictments, which are generally sealed so long as the defendants are not in US custody, could result in arrests when the defendants venture outside Panama. We shall be following this unfolding story as it develops.
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  1. an American guy that lives in panama as the flamboyant real estate tycoon, well known secret in panama . How could he open accounts with panama without having the directors of the companies sign the formats ... what is juan rosas talking about -

  2. Las sociedades anónimas Blackstone International Development y DMG Forex, no fueron las únicas creadas y representadas por las firmas Rosas & Rosas y Overseas Management Company (OMANCO), para el colombiano David Murcia Guzmán, sino que existen otras a las cuales renunciaron el pasado 20 de marzo.

    Representantes de ambas empresas panameñas revelaron a Panamá América que renunciaron como agentes residentes y directivos de las sociedades, al enterarse que pertenecían a Murcia, sin embargo, no revelaron sus nombres.

    "Descubrimos que Blackstone estaba en algo extraño el día que lo vimos en la prensa local. A mí me sonó su nombre y de una vez que llegué a la oficina lo verifiqué y en efecto era esa, al igual que DMG Forex, por eso es que todas las renuncias se dieron ese mismo día. Al igual que otras empresas que teníamos con la firma de abogados allá" en Colombia, sostuvo Marcela Lombardo, vicepresidenta regional de OMANCO.

    Lombardo expresó que en el 2005, el "cliente" colombiano solicitó que cambiaran a la sociedad Ultra Mega Development como directiva de Blackstone para introducir a Mónica Giovanna Mazzilli Rossi, actualmente presa y acusada en Colombia de fraude por la empresa EcoPetrol.

    "Mientras que el abogado Juan Carlos Rosas, de Rosas & Rosas, indicó que desconocían que Blackstone tuviese una cuenta por $2.2 millones en el banco neoyorquino Merrill Lynch, objeto de investigación en los Estados Unidos.

    "No sabíamos del poder para la cuenta. Nosotros no conocemos el manejo administrativo de las empresas", resaltó Rosas.

  3. Corporations Blackstone International Development and DMG Forex, were not the only created and presented for the Roses & Roses and Overseas Management Company firms ( OMC Group ) for the Colombian David Murcia Guzmán, but there are others to whom resigned last 20 March.

    Representatives of both companies revealed to Panama Panamanian American who resigned as resident agents and managers of the companies , to learn that belonged to Murcia , however , did not reveal their names.

    "We found that Blackstone was something odd the day I saw in the local press . Me rang me his name and once I got to the office I checked and it was indeed that , like DMG Forex , so it is all waivers were given that day. like other companies we had with the law firm there "in Colombia , said Marcela Lombardo , regional vice president of Overseas Management Company (OMC Group) .

    Marcela Lombardo said that in 2005 , the Colombian "client" requested change to society as Ultra Mega Development Policy to introduce Blackstone Monica Mazzilli Giovanna Rossi, currently in Colombia dam and accused of fraud by the company EcoPetrol .

    "While the attorney Juan Carlos Rosas, Rosas & Rosas , said they were unaware that Blackstone had a bill for $ 2.2 million in the New York bank Merrill Lynch, under investigation in the United States.

    " We knew the power for the account. We do not know the administrative management of the companies ," noted Rose .


  5. Plaza Hotel Curacao – Crime scene story

    1. On April 10, 2006, I executed contract to purchase Plaza Hotel Curacao (“Plaza Hotel”) from Van der Valk Plaza (Curacao) B.V..

    2. Adele van der Pluijm-Vrede (Adele), a Civil Law Notary and Deputy Governor of Netherlands Antilles, presently Curacao, a both positions appointed by the Crown of the Kingdom of Netherlands, was hired to handle the closing in a accordance with the law.

    3. Following several meetings and discussions, a plan was put together which would consist of the following, Plaza Hotel purchase would consist of two parts. One would be exclusively real estate/hotel ownership; the other would be the overall management of the hotel ownership.

    4. On the real estate/hotel ownership side, a Netherlands Antilles corporation called Fort Shore N.V. (“Fort Shore”), was opened consisting of three (3) owners/shareholders, Frank Buscemi (“Buscemi”) through Fort Coast Group N.V. (“Fort Coast”),Layne Rachowicz (“Rachowicz”) through South Sky N.V. (“South Sky”), and myself Barney Ivanovic (“Ivanovic”) through Ocean Side Management N.V., (“Ocean Side”) each with an equal one-third interest thereof. In order to secure the financing, Girobank N.V. (“Giro Bank”) recommended that the parties open a company in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) for the purposes of depositing all of the shares of Fort Shore as collateral for the $ 10 M loan. Accordingly, I opened up Bayside Holding Group Limited on September 11, 2006. Overseas Management Company Trust (B.V.I.) Ltd., (“OMC”) a Registered Agent and provided Registered Office in Tortola, British Virgin Islands.


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