Monday, November 1, 2021



                                     LITTLE MEN FROM A LITTLE ISLAND

Rumours have it that not very long ago, someone was overheard stating in 10 Downing Street that Joseph Muscat "is a little man from a little island." in the wake of Malta's grey-listing by the FATF, and the government's reaction to it, one may legitimately conclude that this assertion applies to the entire Maltese political class, and not just to Muscat.

I'm concluding this because just four months after this grey-listing, the current political discourse is that with or without it, the Maltese economic wheel continued to roll and turn, regardless. Numerous mainstream commentators have queried why should serious emphasis be placed on extricating Malta from this list if this could mean Malta potentially losing its betting and gaming industries ? Isn't the influx of funds to our economy the most important thing ? What do we care about our international reputation if only a few companies have abandoned the island ?

In essence, the government-paid Internet trolls are indoctrinating the Maltese to believe that funds coming from money laundering are of benefit to the economy, and remaining on the grey-list is not calamity for the country. What these trolls are saying clearly reflects their political masters' thinking.

This notwithstanding, the Maltese voters are in for a serious shock. Their delusional mindset is evidenced by the fact that the small fry will never gobble up the large financial services criminal operators, which means that malta will be toothless in the face of European union blackmail, such as the threatened imposition of a harmonized corporate tax system, thereby depriving the island of any fiscal advantages.

The almost certain impending Labour party victory at the next elections could probably result in the total destruction of the gaming and betting industry - and possibly, to a significant portion of the entire panoply of financial services ! The day that happens I will intone a solemn Thanksgiving Hymn to God (Te Deum), organ, bells and all, as thanks to the imbecility of the Labour regime. God Almighty will have eradicated the financial services monster that Lawrence Gonzi created. in the words of a local Maltese saint, Dan Gorg Preca: "Take every setback as an opportunity to do good."    



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