Tuesday, November 9, 2021



                             How many clowns can fit in a single prison cell ?  by COSIMO

What I am hearing from my sources inside Malta is not pretty; The total and complete failure of the Labour Government to follow up on numerous money laundering and corruption investigations, and to actually arrest and try the guilty has the Maltese public in an angry mood. Unless some real action is taken on Muscat, Schembri and Mizzi, meaning criminal trials, sentencing and imprisonment, the domestic situation could become unstable.

Unless the do-nothing Malta Police and Attorney General take immediate legal action against Joseph Muscat, prime Minister Robert  Abela, who is closely associated with Muscat, must resign. Now information has linked Abela's father to the Pakistani attorney said to have made the structured bribe payments to Muscat, in the hospital scandal. These payments were made immediately after Muscat resigned his office under a cloud of suspicion linking him to Daphne Caruana Galizia's assassination.   

One way or the other, please: either Muscat is arrested and charged, or Abela must resign, and to be replaced not by another Labour Party toady, but by an independent individual, not loyal to either of the two principal political parties. Muscat must face the long arm of justice; to do otherwise makes all of Maltese justice a charade and a sham. 

If Malta doesn't want to labeled a Failed State by the EU, someone in command must act, before democracy, the Rule of Law, and stability all fall down, resulting in chaos.


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