Thursday, November 4, 2021



Tunnel Vision by COSIMO

When the Biden Administration came into power on January 20, 2021, many legal observers believed that the long, Trump-ordered drought on major criminal indictments was soon to come to an end. Most though that political appointees at the Trump Department of Justice were slow-walking, and even killing, indictments where there might be Trump supporters, or even government officials, involved, even on the fringes, and soundly quashed any such cases early on.

Now, however, ten months into the tenancy of AG Garland, we are finding that the explosion of new indictments against known major targets did not occur. Is the reason the new Attorney General is cultivating a risk-adverse culture, such as unfortunately exists in a number of other government agencies ? Or is it that only international criminal activities not deemed to be direct threats to National Security are being attended to ? In either case, transnational crime in many sectors is being ignored.

One of the most glaring examples of neglect is the use of laundered US Dollars to fund dodgy Citizenship by Investment (CBI/CIP) passport programs, currently in operation in the East Caribbean states, which include St Kitts & Nevis, Antigua & Barbuda, The Commonwealth of Dominica, and Grenada. The Republic of Malta is the sole EU tax haven in the CBI business. All of these countries are still hawking  passports to international criminals, corrupt PEPs, international sanctions evaders, and agents from states supporting terrorism.

Meanwhile, the US DOJ, claiming that American law enforcement agencies are actively investigating these major targets, sits on its hands whilst these groups grow stronger each week. When will we start seeing those CBI laundromats closed down ? Is the Department of Justice following State Department instructions about not indicting the prime ministers of the CBI countries ? 

Most ( if not all)  of them are deeply involved in corruption, cleaning the Proceeds of Crime through  CBI payments, and even selling diplomatic passports  literally "under the table" to transnational criminals. Alex Nain Saab Moran was an Antiguan "Diplomat;" we wonder how much that cost him. Dozens of major fraudsters and career criminals hide behind purchased diplomatic passports, which give them inspection-free access at international airports of entry in most countries.

Again, the United States ignores the use of US Dollars, by the criminal elite in the CBI countries, which has resulted in the creation of Mafia states. When will America strike back at crime ?

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