Thursday, January 3, 2019


Both the US Government and anonymous attorneys representing an undisclosed foreign corporation owned or controlled by a foreign nation have completed their filings in the mysterious United Supreme Court case involving a subpoena for documents, and the case should now either be rejected by the high court, or accepted for argument and a decision.

There has never been a completely confidential Supreme Court case, where the names of the parties, and even the attorneys representing them, and the issued presented are confidential, and concealed from the public. We do not know whether the request that the file be sealed was at the instance of the Office of Special Prosecutor, or the foreign-owned corporation, or both.

Legal observers have guessed that the corporation is possibly from Russia, Cyprus, Malta, Turkey, Dominica, or one of the other tax havens (offshore financial centers), but there is no information available to even make an educated guess about the identity or nationality of the entity. Others point to the fact that Reza Zarrab, the leading Iran oil-for-gold sanctions evader, has been extensively interviewed by attorneys from the Special Prosecutor's Office, and have linked Turkey to Russia, due to Zarrab's movement of cash, and surmise that there is a connection to the Russian effort to affect the 2016 US Presidential Election Campaign. We await the Court's action.

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