Kenneth Rijock

Kenneth Rijock

Friday, September 28, 2012


With the Colombia-FARC peace conference coming up soon in Norway, it is prudent to expect that the designated global terrorist organisation will be moving the funds in the European bank accounts that it maintains to staff and support its "offices." Remember that the FARCs sources of income are criminal:

(1) Narcotics trafficking
(2) Kidnapping 
(3) Protection money payments

Therefore, all the capital in those accounts is laundered money. If the anticipated demobilisation of the FARC should occur, those offices will be shuttered permanently. Just as KGB operatives diverted money during the fall of the Soviet Union, expect that some FARC "diplomats" will elect to convert money to their own use.

The FARC is known to maintain offices and/or agents in these countries:

(A) Germany
(B) Italy
(C) United Kingdom
(D) Sweden
(E) Belgium
(F) Turkey
(G) Norway
(H) Australia

Should you see favourable developments in the peace process, whether in Norway, or later in Havana, there could be substantial money movement from FARC accounts (some of which are probably shell companies that appear to be international trading companies); Watch for it.

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