Kenneth Rijock

Kenneth Rijock

Friday, September 14, 2012


Mexican authorities in Merida have conducted a raid, and arrested three members of a suspected Hezbollah terrorist cell. Their leader appears to be  Rafic Mohammad Labboun Allaboun, a Lebanese-American citizen who is a convicted felon, and who violated his parole by leaving the United States after his release from prison. Allaboun was arrested along with two other Lebanese, both of whom hold passports from Belize, showing them to be naturalised Belizeans. He was swiftly deported to the United States.

What is noteworthy about this case is that Mr. Allaboun also had a Belizean passport, showing him to be a native-born citizen of that country, under another name. Here's his bogus drivers' license:

When law enforcement officials in Belize made enquiries, they found:

(1) The name that he was going under was that of a Belizean who died in infancy.

(2) That the death records of the infant were missing.

(3) That Allaboun's passport application records were also mysteriously missing.

(4) That the home of one of the government employees who was involved in the issuance of multiple documents for Allaboun burned down when the enquiry began.

Local Media depiction of the raid.

It is not known whether the passports of the other two Lebanese were procured by fraud. Allaboun and his associates are believed to be Hezbollah operatives. Those detained have been linked to specific criminal activities:

(1) The seizure of cocaine in the Republic of Panama.

(2) A stolen car ring that obtained vehicles in Central America, and sought to fence them in Belize.

(3) Human trafficking.

(4) Cheque fraud.

There is a report that these agents were involved in criminal activities for the purpose of obtaining funds for bail, that was to be used to obtain a release, for other Hezbollah operatives, currently in custody in the United States. Those individuals have not been publicly identified.

Since it is obvious that corrupt Belizean government officials were responsible for issuing Allaboun's passport, it is humbly suggested that you run your bank customer list, and extract the names of any Belizean clients whose place of birth was outside Belize, meaning that they are naturalised citizens, and perform Enhanced Due Diligence upon them forthwith, to rule them out as users of bogus passports, or members of Hezbollah.

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