Kenneth Rijock

Kenneth Rijock

Sunday, September 23, 2012


The United States has released detailed information on 117 aircraft, known to be under the control of the Government of Iran, and presently or formerly involved in the transport of arms, Revolutionary Guard Corps soldiers, and supplies to the Assad regime in Syria. You are cautioned that Iran, which has resorted to fraud, deception, and sundry other criminal acts to hide the true ownership of its maritime fleet, will certainly employ similar deceptive tactics with regard to its aviation assets, to enable them to continue to supply Syria with arms and ammunition.

You do not want your bank named as a party to any bogus sales transactions, financing arrangements, or bona fide sales of OFAC-blocked aircraft that Iran deems too high profile to keep. Though the tail numbers (mainly EP, EX, F and UR) may be illegally modified, always remember that the Construction Number a/k/a Aircraft Manufacturer's Serial number, abbreviated S/N or C/N, cannot easily be changed.

Obtain the services of a competent consultant, with aviation experience. if you see any proposed transactions, involving A300, A310, A320, B707,P727, MD-82, B747, B747SP, IL76TD, or F-28 aircraft. If you require further assistance, send me email to: .

The list of aircraft, including last known operators, can be found here.

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