Saturday, April 14, 2012


In the midst of the American investigation* into how many former US government officials were paid to lobby for the removal of the People's Mujahdin Organisation of Iran (a/k/a MEK and PMOI) from  US Treasury designation as a Foreign Terrorist Organisation (FTO), new information has emerged that indicates that the MEK is not only engaged in fundraising in Venezuela, it is training for war in the jungles of Panama.

Information is incomplete, but here's what we know so far:

(1) MEK agents are undergoing military training in the Republic of Panama, irrespective of the organisation's longstanding claims that it has renounced violence as an instrument of policy. The MEK is suspected of assassinating Iranian scientists involved in the illegal weapons of mass destruction programme, though no positive proof of its involvement has been made public. The United States is not involved in this training. Panama's government appears to be ignoring the MEK presence; whether officials are being paid to allow the training take place is unverified, but suspected.

 Here is a file photograph of MEK troops in Iraq; the MEK fought on the side of Iraq in the decade-long Iran-Iraq War. It is universally reviled by the Iranian people for that reason, and it is doubtful that it could have a meaningful role in any future democratic Iranian government.

(2) Iranian expatriates and Arabs living in Venezuela report being targets of MEK "fundraisers," whose tactics are said to verge on extortion. There are conflicting reports as whether the MEK maintains a presence inside Venezuela.

The fact that the MEK is still training for military action should be thoroughly investigated by the United States Department of State, which is reviewing the MEK requests for removal from its designated FTO status. The MEK is, frankly, considered a  cult, whose leadership engages in psychological manipulation, including such radical steps as forcing its members to divorce its spouses and to thereafter forego family life, to concentrate upon total and absolute obedience to the MEK cult of personality. It is not an advocate of democracy.
*Investigation of MEK Supporters reported

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