Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Reports this week, from eminently reliable media sources, have stated that the United States provided military training to agents of the Mujahideen-e Khalq, also known as the MEK, between 2005 and 2007, notwithstanding that the MEK was designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organisation in 2002. It is claimed that the training course, which was conducted in the State of Nevada, on a restricted US Government reservation, was terminated before the present Obama Administration entered office in early 2008. US military spokesmen have reportedly denied any knowledge of such a programme.

 The training, which is said to have included small-unit tactics, weapons, communications and cryptography, was reportedly conducted by the Joint Special Operations Command, known as JSOC, occurred at the same time that MEK officials, their attorneys, and their lobbyists declared that the organisation had abandoned terrorism as an instrument of policy, and were seeking a political solution in Iran.

Strangely enough, after the two-year training period, a number of what can only be described as terrorist actions took place in Iran, as well as the assassination of five Iranian scientists who were linked to the illegal nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programmes. Though Iran blamed Israel for those raids, it is generally believed that they were carried out by the MEK.

Has the United States been covertly supporting the MEK whilst paying lip service to its transgressions by listing it as a terrorist organisation ? The activities of several prominent Americans, all formerly in US government or military service, in support of the termination of the existing terrorist designation of the MEK, would seem to support that theory.

It is a decades-old position of the United States to neither condone, nor support, terrorism in any form, from any quarter. Why has America broken its word ?


  1. "Why has America broken its word?"

    I'd say probably because some U.S. officials believed, rightly or wrongly, that using the MeK to re-infiltrate Iran would be one method of preventing an Iranian nuclear bomb (since the MeK opposes the current Iran regime).

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