Friday, May 23, 2014


I believe that some of those readers who have purchased the Kindle Edition of my book, The Laundry Man, may not have the Author's Note page, which appears in the hard-copy version, so I have taken the liberty of showing it below:


                                                AUTHOR'S NOTE

I recently came upon a faded manila envelope that had been mis-filed on some real estate documents. it was sealed and bore a handwritten note.
     It read: 'Last letter sent from his cell in Cuba, before he was executed.'
Accompanying it was a letter from the condemned man's sister, asking him to cooperate and deposit half a million dollars into a bank account. Inside the envelope was a handwritten letter with a passport and banking details.

I took the discovery of the document to be a sign. Rather than let such slices of life fade away, I thought it was time to tell my story.

Only the names have been changed, but not to protect the guilty - they are mostly deceased or disappeared. Their identities are marked to spare their families the pain of revisiting those losses.

Of course there are still those who have never felt the hand of justice. Those few are legitimate, and even affluent, but they still fear the knock on the door in the middle of the night.
I have no wish to disturb their troubled sleep, for they may then disturb mine.

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