Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Ponzi money corrupts everyone who touches it. A Fort Lauderdale, Florida Police Lieutenant entered a plea of guilty today, in US District Court, to Extortion Conspiracy, and violation of Civil Rights. David Benjamin functioned as convicted attorney/Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein's hired gun, providing security, and doing Rothstein's bidding, where a uniformed police officer was needed. Benjamin, who reportedly accepted cash and gifts worth just under $200,000, also helped load $500,000 in cash, and millions of dollars in watches, on board a private jet, when Rothstein escaped, temporarily, to Morocco, when the billion-dollar Ponzi scheme imploded.

It was Benjamin who ordered a police detective to make a unlawful arrest of the ex-wife of one of the attorneys involved in the Rothstein Ponzi scheme, on the orders of his "client." Both police officers have now had their lifetime pensions terminated, and they may have problems with fellow inmates when they are incarcerated, even if they are sent to a minimum security institution, under assumed names; They will be ostracized.

The Rothstein scandal continues to vacuum up all the players, even those who operated on the sidelines. Court watchers are waiting to see when Rothstein's two name law firm partners are charged.

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