Monday, May 19, 2014


Okke Ornstein and Kimberlyn David, his business partner
The Dutch child pornographer-turned white collar criminal, Okke Ornstein, will be tried in absentia in Panama, in his next three criminal cases, since he has twice failed to attend his scheduled trials. If Ornstein ever does show up, he will be immediately imprisoned, so that he can commence the existing 28 month sentence he already owes the Republic of Panama, so it is extremely doubtful that he will ever willingly appear for court. He has nine different criminal cases pending against him; some have resulted in the outstanding sentences, others are still awaiting trial; He is believed to be in hiding.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Panama's most notorious fugitive, allowing local law enforcement to literally take him off the street, should he be found. Ornstein recently abruptly closed down his latest scam, a bogus book publishing "venture," Paraguas Books, where he allegedly took money from aspiring writers, but failed to produce and publish a single volume. Anyone who performed even the most minimal due diligence on Ornstein would have found sufficient negative information to cause them to give him a wide berth.

Ornstein is also reportedly the subject of an arrest warrant in the EU, for embezzling charitable receipts intended for a Dutch-based Palestinian refugee charity. Since the charity is a known terrorist fundraising front for Hamas, the specially-designated global terrorist group, he may not be afforded due process, should Hamas catch up with him before EU, or Panamanian law enforcement, do.

Readers who are wondering why I devote articles to this individual; he has taken to publish some quite unkind things about the undersigned on the 'web, ever since I disclosed that he was the general manager for the Ponzi schemer, Marc Harris, and I think that it is in everyone's best interest to take this career criminal, and place him where he can no longer defraud expats living in Panama. Apparently, he does not like it when his white collar crimes are reported.

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