Tuesday, May 20, 2014


If you have been reading, on this blog, how Paraguas Books, a Panamanian company operated by fugitive Dutch fraudster Okke Ornstein, took money from aspiring writers, and then failed to publish any of their works, the company is now defunct, but it has been succeeded by Changemaker Communications, which is asking readers to send in up to $10,000, for web design, book publishing, or the deliberately vague "copywriting and storytelling strategies."

Okke Ornstein
Mr. Ornstein, who appears on the site as the Strategist--at-Large, is selling old wine in new bottles, and anyone who is not familiar with his six criminal convictions, and pending prison term, will become another victim. The site was built by Kimberlyn David, who is Ornstein's partner in the venture, but the scheme is pure Ornstein. I have not seen any evidence of any work produced by this company, for the simple reason that the company is a shell; You have been warned. 

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  1. This is a BananaJoke of Okke Ornstein because he copied the site from several other legitimate sites. In my opinion it is to achieve donations because no one will send money to Bananama Republic or any of his other scam sites. Ornstein is and always was a loser according to "Marc Harris".


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