Wednesday, May 7, 2014


While I expect to catch flack from some of the financial criminals whom I identify on this blog, and sometimes information appearing here that could cause reputation damage draws a response from certain jurisdictions, they generally do not seek to have information removed by Google, the blog sponsor. This week, however, I received some push back that may indicate sensitivity to my publication of planned government action in Switzerland.

an article that I wrote a while back, pointing out that Swiss action to restrict immigration, which includes the use of expats in the financial sector, was abruptly removed by Google, after a formal complaint was lodged, accusing me of some sort of copyright violation. Inasmuch as the details included in my article, which appeared in multiple media, came directly from an official Swiss source, it is obvious that my drawing the inference that the new Swiss laws could raise Country Risk for Switzerland did not sit well with the Swiss authorities.

Since I have made much of the dilatory, and frankly, unethical tactics employed by the Swiss Government, to delay, for years, the efforts of American law enforcement to identify, and charge, US tax cheats hiding their money in Swiss banks, I am not surprised by this move, which was the first time that anyone had actually taken action to remove one of my articles, since I began this blog. I must have hit a nerve.

Anyway, rest assured, that if I see evidence of money laundering, or any other financial crime, taking place in Switzerland, with the assistance of the country's banks, I will publish it.  

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