Sunday, November 18, 2012


Reports surfacing this week confirmed that the Government of Sudan authorised Iran to ship missiles, including some that were 20 ft long, into the country, and thereafter to transport them overland to Egypt, from where they were shipped covertly into the Palestinian Territory of Gaza, for the use by Hamas in its terror campaign against Israel.

There have been a number of attacks, against Sudanese targets, in recent months, which are believed to have been directed by Israel against Iranian weapons being manufactured and stockpiled in Sudan, for transfer to Hamas.

Compliance officers at international financial institutions whose clients trade with Sudan should take this information into account when adjusting Country Risk on Sudan, particularly if their bank has any major financial exposure to Sudanese entities, governmental or private. You should look to minimise any new exposure on the part of the bank, and advise good clients accordingly about increased risk.

 The United States may sanction additional companies, or government agencies, in Sudan, after the public disclosure of Sudanese complicity in missile deliveries to Hamas. Payment for debts owed to US entities or individuals will be blocked, if sanctions are placed upon Sudanese clients of your bank customers.

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