Thursday, November 29, 2012


Some of the seized funds
A Female suspect, from Brownsville, Texas was arrested in rural Kleberg County, during a routine traffic stop on Route 77, south of Corpus Christi. She was reportedly nervous when officers spoke to her, and a subsequent search found $189,000 .

The funds, still encased in protective wrapping
The money, bound in 30 bundles, was encountered near a wheel well of the vehicle, a 2008 Toyota Corolla. The unnamed individual was charged with money laundering, under Texas state law.

The scene of the crime ( area of concealment)
Note the care with which the funds were packaged, and the fact that only US twenty dollar notes appear to be in the cache. Is this a laundryman's response to the effectiveness of the Mexican laws prohibiting the deposit of large amounts of US Dollars in local banks and casas de cambio ? In the money laundering business, the hundred dollar note is king; anything else is chicken feed, and too bulky to transport, if you need to move large sums great distances, but these smaller denomination notes could be used to make purchases from parties who cannot pass, or deposit, hundreds. A teachable moment, perhaps. Launderers adapting to changed circumstances in Mexico ?

Our thanks to alert local law enforcement officers

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