Friday, November 16, 2012


At a bond hearing in El Paso, concerning Texas attorney Marco Antonio Delgado's* efforts to obtain pre-trial release on money laundering charges, the government offered evidence that the defendant was a Confidential Informant for ICE, whilst he attempted to move $600m of Milenio Cartel drug profits.

An HSI agent, with the agency's Financial Operations Strike Force, testified that Delgado was a government informant at the same time he was engaged in a massive money laundering operation. One wonders why his activities were so poorly monitored by US agents, that he could execute a $600m money laundering plan for the Milenio Cartel. Who was his handler ? And who authorised him to travel to Cuba, where he could not possibly be supervised ? These questions and more deserve the truth, but in the dark world of confidential informants, it is seldom disclosed by law enforcement agencies.

Whilst the precise details of Delgado's Substantial Assistance to the United States remain unknown,  the Court declined to allow him to bond out, citing his extensive network of foreign contacts, and that he faced a long term in Federal Prison if convicted. Delgado's attorney has indicated that he intends to appeal.
*El Paso Lawyer who Laundered Cartel Profits Arrested

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