Saturday, November 10, 2012


Valter Lavitola

Valter Lavitola, the Italian extortionist and bagman whose involvement with Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli, in a corruption scandal that has shaken Panama to its very foundations, has entered a plea of guilty to embezzlement of €23m, in another unrelated case, and has been sentenced to three years, eight months in an Italian prison. He is currently in custody.

Lavitola is also named in a $42m organised prostitution case that involves former Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi, and the notorious Finmeccanica case, in which $270m of contracts with the Government of Panama were to be illegally obtained through bribes and kickbacks delivered to Martinelli, as well as a helicopter. Other corrupt activities, involving Brazil, Colombia, Iran and India, are also charged, in connection with sales to those countries.
Lavitola with Martinelli and Berlusconi

Lavitola has personal knowledge of Martinelli's guilt, and it is assumed that his cooperation to date has implicated the Panamanian president The question is; when will Italy indict him, and how will they gain custody ? We shall be closely monitoring the unfolding scandal, and shall report back to our readers all important developments, as they occur.

President Martinelli

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