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                                       Edward Fay, the reputed owner of Fay Servicing LLC

If you follow this blog, you have seen a number of articles regarding Fay Servicing LLC, the Chicago-based mortgage servicing firm alleged by victims to have brought numerous illegal and fraudulent mortgage foreclosure actions during the COVID-19 Pandemic, most of which reportedly resulted in the loss of their homes, due to what victims say were material misrepresentations of fact, and illegal conduct. We have posted links to some of those stories at the end of this article, for your further reading.

The victims have identified two attorneys who have filed a large number of these foreclosure actions, which they assert were either filed when the underlying mortgages were not in default, or were filed after  fraudulent and illegal actions were committed by Fay Servicing, or its agents and representatives. Many of the victims were Senior Citizens without any education or experience in legal matters, and who were allegedly manipulated, misdirected, and lied to by Fay Servicing, which sought to illegally deprive them of their homes. It has been reported that there are a number of investigations into alleged misconduct by law enforcement and regulatory authorities in several states. Some observers have dubbed the company a "Foreclosure Mill. " operating to acquire real estate through litigation initiated for illegal purposes.  Additionally, COVID-19 Relief funds may have been used to support the salaries and overhead of staff members and attorneys who brought these allegedly illegal actions, which is a violation of the law and provides severe penalties.

We are identifying these attorneys as a public service, without making any representations as to their conduct in filing and bringing these mortgage foreclosures. If your residence was foreclosed during the COVID-19 Pandemic, and one or more of these lawyers was involved, you are advised to secure the professional services of a competent attorney to protect your interests, and to make the appropriate inquiries with Federal, state and local authorities, with special attention to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). and to violations of the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and Fla. Stat. §559.

                                                                Arnold Graff, Esq.

ARNOLD L GRAFF, State Bar of California License 269170,WRIGHT, FINLAY & ZAK, 4665 MacArthur Court, Suite 20, Newport Beach, California 92660.

                                                            Kristina Pelletier, Esq.

KRISTINA M.PELLETIER,  State Bar of California License 279533. WRIGHT, FINLAY & ZAK,  4665 MacArthur Court, Suite 20, Newport Beach, California 92660.

You may also need this information: FAY SERVICING LLC, 939 West North Avenue, Suite 680, Chicago, Illinois 60642.  

For Further Reading:

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See also Meyer v. Fay Servicing. LLC, 385 F.Supp. 3d 1235 (M.D. Fla.2019); Alexander v. Fay Servicing, Case No.18-252 (D.N.H.).


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