Thursday, April 8, 2021




                          The Schembri throws the Muscat into the Abyss by COSIMO

If you were wondering where Malta's defrocked Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat, is hanging out these days, we regret to inform you that the formerly very public ex-public figure has literally locked himself in at home. He has, however, made sure that certain, what are referred to by estate agents as "improvements," have been made to his personal abode. This information comes directly from an individual very close to Mr. Muscat, who disclosed the details to our source, in an unguarded moment.            

First of all, Muscat has two armed security agents on duty, as a protective detail, around the clock. That is the same complement  he had when PM. Are the people of Malta paying for it, we wonder ? We understand he is being driven around in a sedan similar to that which he used whilst Prime Minister. Again, who is footing the bill for this private citizen ?

Second, there are a multitude of CCTV cameras, focused upon both interior, as well as exterior, to monitor the residence. Here's a hint: the cameras are NOT there to keep journalists out.  

Third, there is a door-within-a-door. This means that a blastproof, entryproof and bulletproof reinforced door, located inside the front door. This arrangement serves to delay any intruder, to give defenders time to respond. It also sets up a "Kill Zone," where invaders have no cover or concealment, which reduces their chances of survival.   

We gather that Brother Muscat is expecting an attempt to snatch him, and spirit him overseas, to make a court appearance in a faraway land. Really, are you contemplating the Special Air Service, or Delta Force, Joseph ? You can be so dramatic deep down, you know something untoward is headed straight for you. Last chance for Confession. 

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