Saturday, April 3, 2021




We pause, at Easter, to contemplate whether Malta can survive its love affair with the Seven Deadly Sins. In a country where there is no justice, will the murderers of Daphne Caruana Galizia ever go to prison ? Will the real mastermind who ordered her assassination be punished ? If not, then the world may come to regard Malta as a failed state, on the order of Haiti or Somalia, giving up on the Maltese as having the ability to serve as masters of their own fates.

Or are things so irretrievably broken that they cannot be fixed ? Is vigilante justice the only thing that will suffice ?  Does some brave soul need to arrange to have an old Electric Chair shipped in from the US, and hooked up to ElectroGas, to dispose of Malta's Mafia Members ? Don't Martyrs deserve justice ?

If Malta cannot clean its dirty house, then it should not be upset when someone else does it for them, in a very direct manner. I guarantee that Labour Party lawyers will scream national sovereignty violations, but remember, there is Federal case law in the United States to the effect that the judges will not inquire into the circumstances as to how a defendant ended up before them in the dock, so long as he is physically present.

if Malta has the ability to clean itself up, it is recommended that it do so forthwith. If Daphne continues to cry from Golgotha, things are going to get very nasty very quickly; Justice will be served.


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